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  1. That sucks, cars are solid, its dissapointing to here the newer bikes arent the same. If you decide to change tacks for a tweener dual-sport, have you looked at the Husky TE 610, I have an 06' and am quite satisfied with both its off-road ability, reliability and relatively smooth ride on the slab. There is some good info on them on www.advrider.com , look for bigdogs thread on the life and times of TE610; he put 19,000 mi on it, sold it to a guy who did a 7000 mile trip in central america with no major issues. rideon.
  2. ghride

    TE610 Speedo Setup

    Like the above, big thanks to Xfool for deciphering the bozza draft, I never would of had that much paitience. So I tried to get in the sm/te mode to switch from sm (0001) to te (0002) (speedo is slow) regardless of whatever combination of "hitting passing button" or "hitting high beams" 5 times, when I release the mode button, "END" appears - no 0001 or 0002 option. I need a little clarification on the "hitting the passing button" five times. -Is it turn the blinker on and let it blink 5 times, then release? -or, turn blinker on, then press to cancel, repeat 4 more times? -or, turn blinker on, press to cancel, bliker on, cancel, blinker on, then release? as for the high beams, -similarly, is it press for high beams on, press for high beams off, repeat 4 more times? -or press for high beams on, press to cancel, press on, press cancel, press on, then release? -does it matter if you start with high beams on or off, of lights on or off? Also, how critical is the timing of releasing the mode button after the correct button pushing is completed? will the 0001 show up before the mode button is released? or only after it is released at the correct time? I tried disconnecting the battery to reboot the system, but only left it diconnected for 30 seconds or so., and still got the "END" instead of the sm/te mode screen. I imagine its one of these combinations that I'm not quite getting right. Thanks in advance, rideon
  3. ghride

    Going to buy a XR650R-Price Check: 2001, 2003

    Just bought a 2001 650R for $2400; it was very well maintained but has been desert raced in an expert class for 3 years, so it wasnt sitting in the garage. KBB prices sound reasonable, his asking prices sound high. A tribute to the trusty XR (and lots of oil changes); I pretty much expected to have to do top-end as much time it had on it; I had a compression check done and it came back 150psi - only 10 psi off a fresh rebuild.
  4. ghride

    Compression Test 2001 XR650

    cleonard, do you know for sure if the 01 XR650R has an auto-decompression system that disengages once the rpms get high enough? After reading a few other related posts, I started learn what you were referring to. The 160 psi the dealer mechanic gave me may be when the auto-decompressor is deactived somehow. A motion pro leak down tester is a little spendy for my needs right now, I could put new valves in for the cost of one.
  5. ghride

    Compression Test 2001 XR650

    I havent tested it yet, I'll be test riding the bike and compression testing this weekend. You may be right, I dont know that much about how the decompression system works, I presumed that if you dont - pull and hold - the decompression lever than you would be kicking against full compression, which is consistent with the 2 different PSI's noted from the honda dealer. Guess I'll have to check it and find out.
  6. ghride

    Compression Test 2001 XR650

    Its a 650R. I asked the local Honda dealer and the mechanic said a fresh rebuild would give 86 psi with decompressor engaged and 160 psi with decompressor lever released. So my next query is whats the cutoff pressure to be concerned, 120? 140?
  7. Anyone know what a good compression test reading would be for a 2001 650. Due dilegence on a used bike with well maintained bike with a few hours on it. I found a site that said a minimum of 100psi. How does the compression ratio 10:1 vs 11:1 translate into fresh psi? Any insight appreciated.