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  1. chipben

    dosen't like water

    thanks for all the replies. its an 04 bike the black box is sound. I have cut an inch back off the ht lead to try get a better conection not to long ago perhaps a new lead is needed. Ill try re-routing the vent pipes first.
  2. hi all, can anyone help me solve the problem that whenever my exc 450 gets wet it runs bad and wont tick over without me giving it some revs. what i mean by wet is puddles not deep water. the air filter is well oiled. I wondered if there is a drain hole where the spark plug screws into the head that may be blocked and not allowing water to escape from around the ht lead. The ht lead and cap looks sound no splits. thanks in advance Ben
  3. chipben


    thanks for all the info i wiil set about setting it up as per the golden rule thanks again
  4. chipben


    I started jumping at the weekend about 5ft off the ground. Several times when i landed the rear tyre rubbed on the exhaust and grounded out rubbing on the underside of the fender. front forks were also going the full distance of travlel. Not sure what to do? Adjust pre load, dampening, new spring? help appreciated. 04 exc450 my weight is 180lbs
  5. When my exc has been through a couple of puddles or in heavy rain the bike wiil not tickover. The problem is only on tickover, give it a little throttle and its ok. Any ideas????
  6. When i recently bought my exc 450 the previous owner told me that before you wash bthe bike down, you take the foam filter off and you put the plastic cover on in its place. However when i looked in the hand book it says nothing about doing this. In one diagram it actually showed it being placed over the foam filter presumably you leave it on all the time. I never use it, can anyone tell me what its for and when its used?
  7. chipben

    Is Backfiring normal?

    ok that sounds like a plan fit the JD jetting kit. Is there any way i can tell if the needle is stock? Im off to wales this coming weekend for a few days ridding so i want to make sure she is running fine. btw thanks for the info
  8. chipben

    Is Backfiring normal?

    I had the bowl off and the main jet is #178 as the manual. I didn't note the pilot jet, Needle possition, fuel screw setting. But i asume it is as the manual states. Im not quite sure what is ment by needle position, but i will check the fuel screw setting. pilot jet= 42 main jet= 178 needle possition= 3rd from top fuel screw setting= open 1.25 standard pipe no mods
  9. chipben

    Is Backfiring normal?

    Its hard to describe but i would say its more of a deeper pop. What problem could there be with the pilot jet? Also could this explain why the valves have needed to be adjusted so frequently?
  10. chipben

    Is Backfiring normal?

    Yep as shadyatbest described is about spot on, get it on the back wheel revs high then drop off the throttle and a loud bang follows. Backfire/popping? I have looked at the main jet and it is the stock #178 jet. What do you mean when you refere to the header conection?
  11. Recently got an 04 exc 450 and it backfired quite alot. I adjusted the valves and it stopped backfiring as much, but after 4 or 5 hours ridding it is just the same as it was before. I re-adjusted the valves again but the cycle seams to carry on. Could the valves be knackered? Any sugestions appreciated
  12. chipben

    please help

    Cheers Broxys, thats a good site.
  13. chipben

    please help

    I came off my 04 450 exc today and the fork tubes managed to smash my ECU i have a feeling this is going to be expensive to replace. However when i hit the deck im pretty sure the de-comp lever got pulled in and may have killed the engine, so i decided to remove the valve cover to check all was ok and discovered the valve clearances were less than they should be but i wasn't completley sure it was at TDC. How can i be sure the engine is in the correct place to check and adjust valves?