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  1. lunidrtbkr

    Need advice

    Need some advice here, I have two KTM 65's, that I had to do complete engine rebuilds on. On one, I purchased a hot rods crankshaft assembly. I reassembled the engine with the new crankshaft assembly, but got stuck on the magneto nut. The stock nut fits perfectly on the stock crankshaft but the hot rod crankshaft has a different thread pattern. I've been to 2 bike shops, 4 automotive/hardware stores and can not find a but that fits. I contacted hot rods and they want me to take the crankshaft out and send it in to them for inspection (they said the stock nut should fit) They said they'll replace the crankshaft assembly and give me a new gasket set, but will not cover labor. So I'm stuck on what to do next, can a machine shop machine a custom nut, or is there a way to get hot rods to cover the labor? I did both bikes myself and the other one is back together running, but I simply don't have the time to do another disassembly/ reassembly. It took me 6 months of 10-20 minutes of work at a time. I just want to get my boys riding again, the sooner, the better. Any advice is appreciated!
  2. lunidrtbkr

    transmission problem

    what went wrong with your transmission???
  3. lunidrtbkr

    transmission problem

    wondering if i can get some help here. I have a 99 wr400 with a supermoto kit. i was riding down the freeway and all of a sudden my bike loses power to the rear wheel. kinda like the bike is in neutral. the engine is running and i shift through all the gears. i can feel the the gears shifting but none work. im guessing its the clutch....any suggestions??? thanks
  4. lunidrtbkr

    New Socal Sm Ride!!!north Meets South

    that was my yellowish and blue husky. you're welcome to try my bike anytime. plus it hasnt logged a single crash yet. i gotta get it outta the way. if it is you that crashes it and not me...i got no complaints!!!
  5. lunidrtbkr

    New Socal Sm Ride!!!north Meets South

    we definately had some great runs after we left the rock store...i think im hooked now:ride: .....thanks greg for letting us stage at your pad. i am also really glad i trucked in. forget that long freeway ride home. gotta plan something again soon:thumbsup:
  6. lunidrtbkr

    New Socal Sm Ride!!!north Meets South

    hey i am game for a truck pool...if you are still going hit me up
  7. lunidrtbkr

    New Socal Sm Ride!!!north Meets South

    is there room for another noob on this ride? if so you can count me in. im coming from rancho cucamonga anyone else coming from this area?
  8. lunidrtbkr

    protein supplement problems

    i know that part of a successful weightlifting program you need to have sufficient protein intake but whenever i drink a protein shake and it doesnt seem to make a difference which type it is (whey, casein, etc or any combination) i end up feeling nausiated and usaully about an hour afterwards i will feel like vomiting. is there anything that i can take with protein to help with this? any ideas why this is occuring? any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.