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  1. red line oil has a new motorcycle oil(full syn. black bottle w/ silver label)
  2. i was wondering what this computer is worth ??? its brand new in the box and still in the wrapping/bags.it also has thumb control
  3. definitely lost the thrust washers but don't know witch went first, cases are broke to bad to be welded. wouldn't be to bad if i could find cases pretty cheap. parts at service Honda are reasonable but the cases are about $600
  4. no warranty, looks like the rod bearing just failed ran strong up to that point
  5. oil level was ok, temp never got above 225 , no warning at all lost power and started knocking thanks for the info on barnums
  6. my 03 xr650r lost the lower rod bearing and destroyed the crank,both crank case halves and bent the ex. valves. I'm trying to find a complete motor or complete lower end(mainly crank and cases) and not having any luck any help would be greatly appreciated