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  1. rc1546

    Amsoil Synthetic........not loving it!

    red line oil has a new motorcycle oil(full syn. black bottle w/ silver label)
  2. i was wondering what this computer is worth ??? its brand new in the box and still in the wrapping/bags.it also has thumb control
  3. rc1546

    xr 650r engine -- help

    definitely lost the thrust washers but don't know witch went first, cases are broke to bad to be welded. wouldn't be to bad if i could find cases pretty cheap. parts at service Honda are reasonable but the cases are about $600
  4. rc1546

    xr 650r engine -- help

    no warranty, looks like the rod bearing just failed ran strong up to that point
  5. rc1546

    xr 650r engine -- help

    oil level was ok, temp never got above 225 , no warning at all lost power and started knocking thanks for the info on barnums
  6. rc1546

    xr 650r engine -- help

    my 03 xr650r lost the lower rod bearing and destroyed the crank,both crank case halves and bent the ex. valves. I'm trying to find a complete motor or complete lower end(mainly crank and cases) and not having any luck any help would be greatly appreciated