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    Mud flap

    Is there an aftermarket mud flap that does a better job of keeping mud off of the swing arm than the stock one? The stock flap allows an unbelievable amount of mud to pack in around the shock and on top of the swing arm.

    Racing the XR

    I used a XR250 with WER suspension and a 280 kit to get second in the points in the SUPER SENOIR B class (2011 AMA east hare scrambles series).

    Father and Sons

    This is one of the best things that you can do with your kids. Some tips from an older guy. Do weekend ride/camp trips. Kids love both. It's something they will remember. My son and I still do this at least once a year. Do a big epic trip. We have done Moab, Colorado twice, and Hatfield/McCoy. Again, great memories. Start them on basic maintenance. This ends up being great quality time, especially when they hit the teen years. The down side of all this, broken bones and trips to the ER. To minimize this make sure everybody has good gear. The price of protective gear is chump change compared to the ER bill. We both race hare scrambles and his mom still worries as much as when he first started. She worries that I will stroke out or have a heart attack. Take lots of photos! I wish I had taken more photos . Also I am lucky to have a wife that has always supported our riding.

    Need an hour meter

    I have bought two hour meters off of eBay. One has 28 hours on it and the other one has 67 hours. The cost of each was less than $12. These are just hour meters and have no reset or tach.

    Better Harescrambling Weapon

    I have both bikes. I did seven hare scrambles last year. Three I did on a XR280 with WER suspension and four on a 250X My better finishes were all on the XR. I feel faster on the X, but I am smoother on the XR. If I had to go to one bike, I would keep the XR. Both are great bikes. You can't go wrong with either one.
  6. I have a same as new Kouba CRF3 link. It fits 2006 and up CRF250X. It will lower 1.5 inches. $90, PM me if your interested.

    250X racing?

    At the hare scrambles and GP's that I go to I see quite a few in the B & C classes. Guys riding X's in these classes regularly get top 10 finishes. I see none of the A riders using a 250 or 450X.

    Kuobo CRF2 or CRF3?

    I tried the CRF3 link. As far as lowering the bike it did the trick and worked fine for trail riding. For hare scambles and GP's it has to harsh for me. I ended up having the forks and shock lowered 1.5 inches internally. Doing this kept the supension balanced. Although I lost some travel, I didn't miss it in the woods. The link was about $135. Lowering internally $300. Everybody has an opinion and different things work for different people. This is what has worked for me.
  9. My issue isn't so much the seat hight when riding, but just getting on the thing. Although I have a 30 inch inseam, my main problem is getting my leg up over the seat. At 53 I am losing my flexability. 1st try was rasing the forks and lowering the sag. Didn't like. 2nd try was Kouba lowering link. This was OK for trail riding but not for racing. I do hare scrambles and GP's 3rd try I bit the bullet and had my supension guy lower the forks and shock 1.5 inches internally. ($300) Even though I lost some travel, this set-up works for me. I didn't miss the lost travel in the woods. I am a mid pack B rider. It might be an issue for a fast B or an A rider. I was going to keep the Kouba link and put it on for trail rides, but am happy with my current set-up. Like new Kouba CRF3 link for sale $90.
  10. UNKONE

    (XR250) Trade Aloop for Oversized

    Yes, I would be interested. I have a stock tank and seat, plus a N-style seat cover and tank graphics that are still in the package. The tank is red. post some pictures.
  11. UNKONE

    Prescription safty glasses.

    Go to zennioptical.com, I have heard good things about their prices and quality.