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  1. Any idea how well it works?
  2. You just became my new hero.
  3. Not to mention that those teardrop-shaped beanies and wrap-around shades they wear, along with the multi-colored Lycra make them look like a diseased praying mantis. Kidding aside, I couldn't agree more. If I give respect I expect to get respect back (but probably shouldn't be surprised if I don't). However if I get attitude then I won't hesitate to respond accordingly.
  5. Yea, it's getting a little crowded in there.
  6. Already got that covered bro.
  7. Greetings all! My 06 WR450F was delivered yesterday. The standard mods (gray wire, throttle stop, baffle, jetting) were all done by the dealer. I hoping to take it out for the first time this weekend. Looking forward to getting back into dirt riding after a LONG hiatus.