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    In search of a competitive team!

    Brent email me aconmac@me.com I have sevral ideas..... Send me your number etc. Thanks

    In search of a competitive team!

    Brent, What happened to the Penhall Team....?

    In need of night pictures of 300X

    Tim, heres a link of pictures at the finish. http://elforooffroad.net/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=31

    Welcome Jason Trubey to The Forum

    Jason what's up.......Let go riding "HI JASON! Hey Trubey, didn't you race that ProCircuit crf250x in '05 that won the Class 21 points and finished 4th OverAll bike at the '05 Baja 1000?" Good Times...... "I just wonder who was riding whit him?????on a 250.....nice." Some Mexican cholos, with a really OLD guys who keeps on racing bajas.

    Dangers in Baja?

    BIT on the throat by a Scorpion.......... Whers the story.....?
  6. Where are Los Ancianos..................... Anybody have some info......

    2007 Aprilia SVX 450

    How much should I pay for this bike. Good condition about 3500 miles. Thanks

    Super Enduro

    2007 KTM 950 Super Enduro....................1300 miles. AKAPROVICS..................+ triple clamps and stabilizer. $10,0000 contacto aconmac@me.com

    Carjacked leaving TJ

    The main crooks, in Tijuana and in the whole country are the same cops. Or fake federales with cars with no plates and a pair of strobes that just stop and rob people. Those too are cops....... What sucks is that we are starting to loose tourism here in Mexico. REVOLUTION was the main tourist attraction here in Tijuana a couple of years age and now all you see if vacant stores etc. Income to businesses in Revolution Ave. has gone downabout 70 percent. Imagine how bad business is. But there is no one to blame but the crook cops and crook business owners in that place. Just a tip: if you ever get pulled over by a vehicle with just strobes and tinted window, gas it and go to the nearest police station or a place with more people. Always when you go to mexico try and locate those places.

    Carjacked leaving TJ

    I hate hearing stories like these................................ I have lived in Tijuana for 25 years and have never been jacked, Tijuana is an awesome city, way way better than Ensenada, Rosarito, Tecate, Mexicali etc. The problem is people hear these stories and the next time the cross the borders they start trembling like chickens and with that you atract the bad things. I cross the border everyday, night, day, am, pm and the city is perfectly safe. It is just common sence to know where to stop etc etc The cartel(drugdealers) never mess with tourism, if they kill somebody it is someone had had it coming for some reason. And most recently they started with kidnappings, but only locals with money. Not a guy who comes out of nowhere. I know many gringos who come to Tj and have really bad stories to tell. But you know why? The come to Tj and the go to the shittiest restaurants, the shittiest clubs, they go buy drugs at fake farmacies, ADELITAS, and Revolution, all this just to save a buck. It's like if I go to San Diego and go to Barrio Logan. Tijuana has manyyyyyy beautiful restaurants, many awesome nightclubs, bars and lounges. Tijuana has beautiful homes etctec. It's just the tourist don't know where to go. I know there is corruption, but thats what Tijuana is all about, you know how the US gov has all of you tied to the balls. I have a home in San Diego and Tijuana and for some reason I just love coming back to Mexico. Please next time ask a local about where to go, any question just ask!! PS: Tim next time you come down give me a call and I'll show you around! And about stolen veicles San Diego has way more stolen cars than Tijuana, just go to fashion valley where it is rank no 1 in San Diego.

    Gearing CRF 250X for baja

    Tim it's Alfredo C...., I have been riding in ensenda twice a week, there is a singletrack-enduro-rocky trail that takes around 1 1/2 to go around, really challenging. In august i am going to race the Fun Enduro in Mexico City. I also rode with Sal for the first time since his crash. He felt good, but he really did hurt himself bad in the crash, I think It will take a while for him to be back.

    Paseo de Verano in Ensenada Sunday July 8

    Chingon, I heard about your crash, I also heard you had passed the guys full throttle about a minuite before you crashed.. This is the problem with these rides there are hundreds of guys thinking they are going to win th Baja 500. Good to hear it wasn't worse.

    Gearing CRF 250X for baja

    yeah, saw Tims truck @ the San Nicolas on tuesday.........
  14. What is the best way to travel with your motorcycle via air travel. I was thinking about using the big rubbermaid boxes w/wheels. Or what is another way of packing or experience with this method? THANKS

    Who's going to TECATE...........

    Great race, will be fun this year!! Hope it rains.. www.losancianos.com