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  1. trav57

    Training Wheels

    He is on a 2003 Honda XR 50. He is 4 but will be 5 in June. However he is as big as most 6 year olds. He can pick the bike up when it is tipped over no problem and rides a pedal bike with ease. I think the idea of having a motor and knowing he can wreck scares him a little.
  2. trav57

    Training Wheels

    Thanks for all of the great info!!! My son does ride a pedal bike very well with out training wheels. Maybe I am getting frustrated to quickly trying to get him to ride a motorbike with out training wheels. I will keep trying with out them. Any other helpful hints on teaching him to ride with out training wheels?
  3. trav57

    Training Wheels

    Why are some training wheels $180 and some are only $50? I am just wanting some to build confidence and learn throttle and brake control. Do I need to buy the $180 dollar ones?
  4. trav57

    XR50R Need to know

    That is good to know about the filters thanks.
  5. I just bought a 2003 xr50 for my sons first bike. He is five. Is there anything I should know about this bike or anything I need to do to it to get it ready for my son to ride?
  6. trav57

    Baja Motorsports DR50

    For the info. I will stay away from baja and just stick to the brands I know and that have been around forever.
  7. I am looking at getting a first bike for my 5yr old boy. Saw a baja dr50 advertised and have never heard of this company. Is it a good company are parts easy to get or should I stay away from it all together.
  8. trav57

    DR-Z400E Only runs with choke on

    I had the exact same issue this spring. Found carb to be very dirty. I took carb off bike and used carb clean and compressed air through all jets. It now runs perfect. Good Luck.
  9. trav57

    Lk. Wenatchee - Dirty Face Dual Sport

    Snowed On Lake Wenatchee Today. Any One Got A Snow Plow For Their Bikes
  10. trav57

    Any issues with 03's?

    I Have An 03 Drz 400s With 6500 Miles On It. Have Done 3x3 And Manual Cam Chain Tensioner. Have Had Zero Problems With It. It Is The Best Bike Ive Ever Owned
  11. trav57

    Best Engine Oil

    Yeah Is There Really A Difference Betwen Car And Motorcycle Oil? Or Is Oil Made The Same For Any Engine
  12. trav57

    Best Engine Oil

    I Have An 03 Drz 400s With About 3000 Miles. What Is The Best Engine Oil For My Bike
  13. trav57

    Wet Or Dry Cell Battery?

    I Own A 03 Drz 400s And Ride In Temps As Low As 30 Degrees And As High As 110 Degrees. I Ride On The Highway And In The Dirt. Which Is Better A Wet Or Dry Cell Battery?
  14. trav57

    Business People Who Dual Sport - Work

    I Have Short Hair And Carry Gel And Extra Clothes In My Backpack. It Doesnt Get Much Easier Than That
  15. I Am 6'4 And Still Have The Stock Handle Bars On My Bike. Does Any One Have Recomendations On Which Bars Would Fit Me Best. The Stock Ones Seem Really Low