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  1. Hey guys I have been out of the yamaha loop for about two years now but I finally decided to get off Honda and go back to yami. I grabbed a good deal on a 2011 leftover last week and love the things so far. The only thing I'm wondering is has anyone put graphics on the stock plastics? I know the shrouds have an abrasive texture does this effect the application of the graphics?
  2. I am going to get it guys now its just a matter of getting to the dealership and laying down the down payment then the long wait till March!
  3. 3 out of my 8 bikes have been 250fs and I am on a 450 right now, I race harescrambler and I am leaning towards the 250f now. Anyway you can send me that 4 pages review?
  4. thanks for the input this is an extremely hard decision with so much new technology coming out!
  5. Hey guys come spring I am going to be in the market for a new bike and Im really having trouble deciding which one to get. Ever since I heard the RMZ was going to be fuel injected this year I wanted it more then anything, obviously the delay of launch has made my desire alittle less but the bike still looks promising. On the other hand I saw the new YZ and at first hated it but now after seeing reviews and really studying the bike it seems awesome. I have the opportunity to put a down payment on an RMZ and now the pressure is really on. What bike should I go with guys!?
  6. That last one really cracks me up!
  7. Good to hear perspective from someone who has owned both, I have hard times keeping my RMZ going too, Im thinking about going with the new 250f but am concerned about reliability.
  8. Wow that is really surprising to hear! Good info from an owner of both.
  9. guess we need conformation from someone who has has their hands on one already.
  10. That was transworld mx magazine I just read that review!
  11. Wow that is pretty staggering but honda doesnt have a bi lateral frame and fi system in the front!
  12. Yea I totally agree I saw in the first impressions of the YZ that everyone was saying the ergos were spacious and tall riders felt at home, on the other hand Honda has decided to small up their bikes and you see what it did to Kevin Windham.
  13. I saw in the vital mx first impression they ran out of gas too, I'm getting scared now =O
  14. yea I guess your right, the addition of a fuel pump and FI probably adds weights but as long as it is displaced properly shouldnt be an issue.
  15. Thanks for the input guys, I have been serious researching this for the past few days and that number did seem staggering at first but when watching and reading reviews it seems like a non-issue. I have always ridding 250f and I have my first 450 right now and I notice the extra weight and I'm hoping if I buy this bike that wont happen anymore.