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  1. Good point. If you set it up so she can take a friend or something with her too, you'll be legendary. Seriously. She'll think you're incredibly generous, and so will every other woman she knows. It will be the gift all others are compared to.
  2. The best gift I ever got was a bike that had been tricked out by BBR. But... if you don't want to get her bike stuff and if she's into makeup and perfume and stuff, get her a gift certificate for a massage or something at a local spa.
  3. kt3

    energy drinks after supercross

    Most of them don't actually drink the stuff. It's usually written into their sponsorship contracts that they get a bonus for having the can in their hand while they are being interviewed on TV, and an additional bonus for drinking it while they are on TV. They've been doing it that way in Nascar for a few years and it's starting to show up in other sports now.
  4. I think you've got to look at the AMA and their promoters. The reason OLN is willing to devote a month of their programming to the TDF is because the organizers of the Tour are willing to give them an event package that they want. The AMA (and their event promoters) need to present SPEED with a series that is a complete package - something that is organized and executed with television coverage in mind. Make it as easy as possible for SPEED to come in, cover the event, and give motorcycle racing the great time slot that it deserves. SPEED runs lawn mower races because someone came in and pitched the package to them. The AMA needs to be a little more pro-active in securing better coverage. Just my opinion. That said... this year's coverage is better than last year.
  5. kt3


    RCS has made ti fork springs, but only for a couple of race teams. Any time you move from steel to ti you have to increase the wire diameter, and that makes ti fork springs difficult. Unfortunately I don't think there's enough time to get something made for this bike... but if you want me to try let me know. K