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  1. dean29

    08 450 oil change/site glass ?

    ok now im better. i drained out the oil and refilled it with 660cc and after running it for 1 minute and the letting it sit for 5 minutes, the oil level is now at the max full mark, yay! thanks for the tips guys! Its wierd going from a bike that didnt have a site glass(06 rmz450) to this thing, i was kinda worried for a bit, but i love my bike, and this thing is way better than my old one.thanks for the help . ride red!!!
  2. dean29

    08 450 oil change/site glass ?

    ok thank god for rotella being inexpensive i just drained it all back out and ill put the correct fresh amount in for a change without changing the oil filter. will update shortly.
  3. dean29

    08 450 oil change/site glass ?

    i just took an additional 75cc out and its just below the maximum full mark on the site glass, are you sure i should put more oil in it?
  4. i did my first oil change on my bike today. Before i started the oil level was right in the middle on the site glass. I changed the filter and according to the manual i needed to put 700cc of oil in. I did and the oil is now above the high mark on the site glass. i rode it around the block just to make sure the oil was evenly distributed, checked it again, and the oil was still above the site glass. So i removed approximatle 25cc of oil, and if i tilt the bike over so the frame is about 1 inch off the stand, i can see the oil level at the top of the glass. I know darn well i put the correct amount of oil in it. Should i trust the ratio rite cup,or remove some more oil till its in the middle of the glass again???
  5. dean29

    08 crf 450 grease ?

    thanks guys!! and congradulations Dean#2!
  6. dean29

    08 crf 450 grease ?

    i just picked up one of these new 2 weeks ago. Do they come from the factory greased very well, or should i go grease everything before i ride it more. it hasnt had a tank of gas run thru it yet. The only thing i have done is retighten all the spokes and check the rear sprocket.
  7. dean29

    2008 Crf450 $4000.00?

    just bought mine on August 3rd for $4606.11 otd, i love this thing!
  8. i read somewhere on here a big article about breaking in new bikes. It essentially said warm it up, and ride like you stole it. This is the only way to seat the piston rings properly. I followed the advice i read and my bike still runs great after 1 year, and doesnt use any oil. Im sure that article is still on here somewhere. Good luck.
  9. what works for me is to buy 3 ready filters. When you dirty all of them up, just spray Gunk engine degreaser on all of them, let 'em sit for 5 minutes, then rinse them out with a garden hose while wearing latex gloves. After letting them air dry, put on another pair of latex gloves, then coat your filter with your favorite oil, i like using pj1 spray because it coates the filter nicely, but i have also had luck with maxima fft in the bottle. Then install filter on your bike after its oiled> The latex gloves are great for this, no messy sticky hands.
  10. i used 3m super weatherstrip adhesive(the black stuff) when i installed mine last. When i go to put on a new set of grips, what do you guys use to get the old glue off?? When i first did the grips on my rmz450, it was like the throttle grip was molecularly bonded to the throttle tube! I have never had that much of a problem getting an old grip off before.
  11. dean29

    Best Chest Protector?

    JT v2000!!
  12. dean29

    I know...im stupid

    so did it work???
  13. i started when i was 5 on an Italjet, damn that was almost 30 years ago!
  14. dean29

    Cleaning your bike

    i plug the exhaust and spray off all the big chunks of mud and dirt. Then i spray it with Cycle Wash and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then spray it off with a hose again and and its sparkling clean. I am getting a powerwasher in a few weeks tho, so no more having to use cycle wash. After im done i spray the chain, pegs, cables etc...with dry silicone or wd40, then clean the air filter. Once a month or so i wax it with spray wax, it makes the bike alot easier to clean, plus makes it look nice.