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  1. Yeah, I had just put them on. He got muddy on about a 5 hour ride and they blew. I do clean them between rides, but did not even get that chance this time. Still looking for size of replacement boots. Thanks
  2. Your lucky. My sons have blown twice with Shock Sox on. I am also needing to find replacement boots. Any help would be nice.
  3. I have a small wheel bike that I need shock boots for. I tried Shock Sox and as soon as mud got up there, they blew again, so I want to go back to the ugly boots. Any idea where I can get them? Thanks
  4. Thanks SMCALPAK. That is exactly what I want to do. I never thought this thread would bring up this weird discussion. But all is good and thanks again.
  5. I DO NOT like the dust covers on my 400E. I was looking at some of the pics in the pic thread and noticed some people just pulled them off. Is this a good idea and does anyone have the SM covers on an E? I would like to see that or even know if they would fit somehow. Thanks
  6. You guys are GREAT. Thanks for the response on where to drill that thing out. I got the Yosh today. Cannot wait to put it on my sons bike, then get me one for the DR-Z 400E. Thanks again for the info.
  7. "Drilled out the Air Screw......" What? I have a jet kit and Yosh system coming. All the jetting makes sence but what is drilling out the air screw then turning it out? I guess I am just confused as to what you are drilling. Please help. Thanks
  8. Spoked Rims please.
  9. Is this an exact fit for direct shift? Or with linkage? Thanks,
  10. Is the DR200 shifter exactly the same length. That other post talks about 2" longer than stock and "a little longer than stock" I want exact. Thanks again.
  11. Hello, I have read post after post talking about a direct shifter and all I can find is shifters that are a little longer. I need an exact length fit for direct shift. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  12. Parts/ Price list please. Thanks,
  13. Thanks, not the problem, I just say that because my 400E choke pulls on. Anyway, I got it fixed. I took the Carb off and the crap they coat it with for shipping and storage, was still in their. I cleaned it out, re-installed and now my 10 yr old can start it. He is happy about that and my leg feels better.
  14. I have read a few posts and no real helpful info. This is a 2005 that I have only had for about 4 weeks. So, gas and oil is all new. When this bike is cold, I pull the choke on and kick and it starts for about 10 seconds. Then dies. I can do this 50 or more times before I can get it running. If I leave the choke off or on just a little, it just lets me kick it over and over. Any ideas?
  15. DOOOOOOOD!!!!!!! How tall are you yeroc40? Your bike looks sweet. I barely touch the ground on mine.