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  1. loufish

    Tent Trailer experiences

    I bought a new 2004 Jayco Baja 10 off-road tent trailer years ago when I was driving a 98' Ford Ranger X-Cab....My son and I were camping, riding and finally got tired of tent camping....I was thru being cold all nite also... The choice of a tent trailer was driven by what I could tow, both of our bikes went in the bed and the tent trailer was pretty much my only option back then... It did have a 3 way fridge, king size bed up front, queen in the rear and most important...a furnace! The good stuff: Towed fantastic!!...it had 31" radial off-road tires and gas shocks, was kind of nose heavy which all added up to a rock solid tow...Set-up time wasn't too bad with my son and I each doing separate chores...much faster for us then a conventional tent...Could still haul more then our truck bed could hold(1,000 lb payload!) Very roomy inside, and what a difference then sleeping on the ground...It had double 5 gallon propane tanks and I ran two Grp 27 batteries along with a Honda 1000u quiet genny...I mention all this because there were nights we ran the furnace hard....remember, I'm tired of sleeping cold...never ran out of battery or propane... Camped thru several rainy nights, never leaked a drop...BUT it didn't like the wind!...The canvas like materiel never rotted or got hard, or ripped. We always had company, many nights we had 4-5 sleeping in that trailer...all single guys looking for a warm place to crash out... I later bought my Titan....talk about having plenty of towing power... The not-so-good: My biggest complaint was the wind, we all know how bad it can get and the trailer took an butt whooping one night so bad I thought the whole thing would come down!. Nothing broke or tore, but that was that...I can now tow a nice mid sized trailer so I sold my tent trailer... My advise....If that's all you can really tow with your present veh, it's not a bad way to go...but if you can tow safely a hard sided travel trailer, you will be much happier...
  2. I've scoped out that trailer on the website...REALLY liked it...What have you done about a genny?....Honda I3000?...
  3. loufish

    Best truck commercial ever?

    ...Here's the best footage used for a commercial....I couldn't find the exact commercial, but there was one using all this good chase footage... Enjoy!:
  4. There's more to it then that...BTW you have to had the SAME problem attempted to be repaired at least 3 times... Every vehicle out there has the potential for problem, even your "favorite brand"...For every GM sucks story, I'll find guys with 150,000 miles and no problem stories...
  5. loufish

    Ford F150 SVT Raptor

    I totally understand that, there's plenty of people for who this truck would be the WRONG truck for them....A F-450 Ford Diesel would be the wrong truck for me... ..Yeah my own truck is part toy....
  6. loufish

    Ford F150 SVT Raptor

    ...Sure no problem...Ford had 100 "Raptor X"'s built....Full 4130 cage, linked rear end, no VIN just for competition... http://jalopnik.com/5395616/fr-raptor-xt-ford-racings-new-100k-limited+edition-baja-pre+runner
  7. loufish

    Ford F150 SVT Raptor

    The poor Raptor has to keep defending itself from ignorance... It's a BRAND NEW TRUCK....you can't begin a hypothetical comparison with out that as your base....that means no old Rangers, blazers, Rams.... For those not in tune with what a true performance desert vehicle is all about...it's the suspension....it's NOT about raw wheel travel numbers, or how many by-pass tubes you have... Yes you can buy several different brands of NEW trucks and then run to say Camburg (not a dig on Camburg, they make really good stuff) and pickup a set of rear springs and front & rear shocks, mid travel kit ...top shelf stuff! and of course have them install it... Oh yeah...you're going to need glass fenders front and rear to hold in those brand new 35" wheels and tires you also just bought.... So you now just spent $7,000- $8,000 and you have the beginning of a really great mild pre-runner truck... Somethings missing....what is it?.......GOT IT....You see there are ways to get your new 12" travel truck to handle/ride better then 95% of the mid travel trucks out there... it's called suspension tuning and the Raptor probably has about $50,000 in just shock/spring tuning alone...That's correct I said "over $50,000" You can't touch the final tuning of the Raptor with out spending a whole lot of money and again any comparison has to be a new turn key truck.... No it is NOT just a new truck with longer shocks bolted on...
  8. I've made several hitch/bumper combo's over the years, they were all special and bolted on. I always try to use the factory holes were that hitch would go and I wind-up adding a few more attachment points also. All my combos were to do double duty as a rear bumper and to pull (or get pulled)vehicles out of trouble... That being said, for a simple hitch only, I always go with a the factory bolt-on units...they fit perfect and I don't worry a bit about them...
  9. loufish

    Needs opinions

    I'm one quick to back the 1/2 ton truck from the would be haters....BUT I do agree that for TH's the 3/4 ton is the way to go with a few exceptions... The weak area for 1/2 ton trucks is not their tow rating, but their payload ratings...My own truck is typical with a tow rating of over 9,000 lbs, but a payload rating of under 1,600 lbs. TH units have a LOT of tongue weight for their size and weight. Where a TT would have say 600 lbs of tongue weight a similar size TH would be well over 800....doesn't sound like much, but a 21-24 ft TH can go higher then that real quick... There are some lightweight units out there, but once you get past 21 ft the tongue weights are up there again...
  10. loufish

    Loading Ramps

    Funny!...I always find that statement a little funny coming from guys who ride dirt bikes...NONE of which are made in the USA... Guys spend $5,000-$8,000 on a bike, $250-$400 for the helmet, another $500 for boots and the rest of the gear....and then act like the light weight aluminum ramp will cost too much... I used use a wooden plank on my Hodaka back when I couldn't afford tie-downs.....in 1972 to each his own of course.... BTW...My Titan IS a full sized truck....funny stuff......Japanese bike riders making fun of Japanese vehicles....
  11. loufish

    Loading Ramps

    People are still using wood planks for loading ramps?....Do you also run down to the Telegraph Office to send a message?.... Come out of your cave....it's 2010....
  12. loufish

    Tow Hooks

    I think the hooks are plenty stout...but if you are really buried, I'd try to triangle both hooks together, pulling hard on only one side could diamond the frame... I always pull others from my rear hitch...and if I have a choice would want to be pulled out by it...
  13. Desert race trucks aren't as tall and heavy as many goofy "too tall" street trucks...so many use aluminum floor jacks, the Craftsman 2 ton unit is popular...and blocks still get used... For the average 3/4 - 1 ton truck, a good 3 ton floor jack and a set of 5 ton jack stands should work fine...it's what I have in my garage... For my truck, the jack is mounted in the bed with a quick release set-up...and a good lock and cable!
  14. I had both a rubber mat AND Line-X on my Ranger, loved it!...
  15. loufish

    Thermostat problem?

    Quit fooling around and replace the thermostat...it's real cheap and then you'll know what it's not... Here's a trick I use on all my vehicles...I drill a small hole in the thermostat flange (.035"-.050") to allow air to bleed during the coolant re-fill and warm-up...the hole isn't big enough to interfere with the thermostats job of restricting coolant flow for warm-up, but makes most coolant systems bleed faster and better... Some of the new vehicles thermostats have a similar by-pass already done...