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  1. Thanks man!
  2. Lots of good info thank you.
  3. Thanks can anyone else recomend similar as well as where to get things state side?
  4. I have bought a 2000 S and am wondering what I will need to do to beef the suspension up for my fat ass? My riding will be almost all trial with out and large jumping. I am not looking to dump lots of money in what can I get away with so I am not bottoming out?
  5. I am new to the DRZ thing. I have purchased a 2000 400S with a full yoshi TI exhaust. I am not sure if it has been rejetted for this or not. I will be doing the 3X3 box mod and then having the bike rejetted for all the proper settings. I am in Tucson AZ at 2500ft and will be doing most of my riding in the 2500-7000ft range. Burned please advise what settings I should be setting the bike to run at.
  6. So if i read correctly loosen the top nuts slightly and then loosen the bottom nuts until the cables can be removed from the mount. Then slide the loop of the cbale off?
  7. Removing carb for cleaning right now. And dont know how to take throtle cables off. Please give any insight posible. thanks
  8. Well her goes...... hahaha
  9. No it was bought in Arizona. I assume it is venting right though again I dont think I would know if it was not. It does have the hose attached the cap of the tank. It looks like I will plan to pull the carb and clean it tonight probably a good idea anyways. I have come to take it that to do this I pull the seat, tank, then detach the throtle cables (not so sure how to do this), loosen the screws on the rubber boots and push it back towards the air box to pull it out. From there take the float of remove pilot jet and througholy clean it? Am i missing anything?
  10. Should I try to run it this way? If so why?
  11. By that I assume you mean the PRI set on the fuel switch? If so no I have not, should I? What is the prime position?
  12. Yes after reading about every other post on here i checked that right away
  13. I have swaped out the old fuel I have not tried running it through with some carb cleaner in. I dont think its blocked to bad since it will run for a bit before it craps out.
  14. How do I identify the 3X3 Mod? I believe the previous owner said it did but I am not sure?
  15. Yea i am fairly sure they have some gum and that i need to pull it and clean it out real good. I described the symptoms to a few people and that is all what they have thought. I wasnt sure if purging the fuel and run carb cleaner through would do it but at the same time I would just like to get it all cleaned and up to speed, since its new to me and I like to take care of my shit.