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  1. rc4187

    Seattle on TV

    i have to agree. the lites race was actually quite boring. dungy just ran away with it while lawerence got to 2nd and slowed to stay up. the 450 race was the best race i've ever seen. seriously! ine thing happened right after the other. and i hate to say it... i've been on here defending chad reed a lot... but im running out of reasons to do so. i don't hate him though. (not yet at least)
  2. i liked the kid who took 2nd in the kjsc. "anything you'd like to say?" "yeah, to my friend jake... i made it to seattle supercross and you didn't, in your face!"
  3. from what i could see... it was def. a compound fracture. made my old injuries hurt looking at it for sure.
  4. rc4187

    Reed *SPOILERS*

    this is not a bash against CR. more of a bash toward the provisional rule. AMA should have not let a guy in that sort of shape race unless he could qualify for the main on his own power imo. there's no way in the past anybody could just skip their races and still salvage points in the main. i guess anything with drama for good tv is what they're after.
  5. rc4187

    Milsaps crying about lappers on the podium

    "When asked about a possible solution during the SF press conference, Carmichael suggested a one-position penalty for lapped riders who do not get out of the faster outside lines in turns. It seems like a reasonable solution. Of course, this would be somewhat arbitrary and difficult to enforce. Plus, who says the lappers can't be fun? After all, everyone up front has to face them." -http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=4261&Page=1 The fast guys always complain about lappers. not just millsaps. in the case above it was reed, stewart and carmichael who complained... all in the same press conference.
  6. rc4187

    Reed doesn't race Outdoors?

    at the end of the day you just have to take this thread for what it is. a bunch of guys who either like, dislike or are indifferent to chad reed. i have been on this board a while now and there is one constant in these chad reed threads. noone has ever changed their mind about him bc of something another person posted. we are all well aware of those who dislike him bc they constantly let us know about everything he does wrong in their eyes. we all know who like him bc they are the first ones to jump up and defend him in every one of these threads. i think it's unfortunate he doesn't race the nationals, but it's his choice. if only these riders could be slaves like the gladiators in olden times.
  7. rc4187

    Milsaps crying about lappers on the podium

    everyone forgets how much carmichael complained about lappers last year. even stating that there should be a new rule forcing them to move over. no one threw him under the bus so i think we should all ease up on millsaps. he seems to be a good enough guy. i also think it's funny how a good portion of the discussion on this board is about what's said on the podium vs. the racing on the track. please don't turn this into pro wrestling. i love this sport.
  8. rc4187

    2009 Numbers???

    at the end of the day... they're just stickers on the bike. to me anyways.
  9. rc4187

    Trey Canard will win everything because.....

    i don't think the interview is supposed to be the entertainment portion of the show. it's to thank who got you there on TV. Those who want more J-Lawesque interviews should watch pro wrestling.
  10. rc4187

    Stewart out Faking (From another forum)

    kawasaki reported that he's undergoing surgery... i don't think he'd fake that.
  11. rc4187

    Does Reed know something about JS?

    i think all he's really stating is that he has an opinion. the way he phrases it leads me to believe he knows nothing for sure and doesn't want to make statements as if they are true.
  12. rc4187

    I have an Idea for Chad Reed

    i like how reed put it in his interview at racerx... "There's no asterisk on that bonus check" ... and it's not really reeds fault his competitors can't stay healthy.
  13. rc4187

    who was the rider?????

    i think it was stephane roncada. he doesn't race anymore.