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    Wiring/Starting problem

    Its a 2003 DR650. 1st lost tail/plate light then the Neutral light started to not to work and at same time to get the bike to start would have to turn bars back and forth while holding starter button down to get bike to fire. Once started it runs fine. Looked at wiring diagram and found the wires for the lights. Both the plate and neutral light wire were broke were the come out from under the tank and start up the steering stem. They broke inside the insulation. No rubbing of the wire at all. Was thinking the starting problem was related to the neutral light. Not. Got it all back together and I still have to move the bars to get it to fire. So obviously I have the same problem. I'm away from the manuel to look at the diagram. This computer will not allow down loads. So can somebody point me in the direction of which color wire I need to look at in the main wiring harness that goes around steering stem for the starting circuit. I'm thinking it the Y/G that comes of the clutch lever. Thanks.
  2. SSHANK42

    Wiring/Starting problem

    Think you hit the nail on the head Mx. There was an extra cable tie near the steering stem. Not now. Thanks.
  3. SSHANK42

    Wiring/Starting problem

    It was the yellow/green wire in the main wiring harness. In same spot as the other 2 had broken, right were it passes the steering head. So 3 out of what 10 or so has broken. That gives me alot of confidnece. Jst a matter of time until another does.Must be a perfect flex point. All 3 wires were broke inside the insulation. No visible sign of damage from the outside.
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    Help with factory tail and plate light

    Its an 03 650. Tail and plate light work at times. Brake light and turn signal always work. So started the wiggle test of wires. When I got to were the wiring harness come from under the tank and goes up to handlebars is where I got things to flicker. With bars turned left is when things usually did work. SHake the harness and they would come on. Bars straight things worked. So thought this should be easy. I had place some heavy wire loom around harnes to protect it from chaffing. To it off and unwrapped the factory top to gain access. Now the tail/plate light will not work at all and sometimes the neutral light will flicker. All wires look good, nothing broke or even scuffed. First thought was a ground issue for the tail/plate light. Not sure now. From what I can tell from wiring diagram everything on the back shares a common ground. Is the black with white tracer the ground? Everything behind the headlight cover appears good also. Now leaning toward the ignition switch as the problem. Any thoughts on were to go next and what type of test to do? Thanks.
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    Fuel economy? I ran out of gas today.2003 Dr650

    Alot depends on how full you consider the tank when you fill it up. I have a stock 03 and have to go to reserve between 115-125 which is 50-52 mpg. I weigh 300lb and carry 20lb pack.
  6. SSHANK42

    Metzler ME 880, Any good?

    Well its that time for the dreaded tire search. Currently running Dunlop 607's front and rear. I want a 100% street tire and these are what I came up with. Only problem is the rear is a 140/80 17. Will I have any problems with that size? Anybody have experience with this model. Looking for decent cornering and long tread wear. Thanks.
  7. SSHANK42

    I hit a deer

    I hit a deer broadside at 60 mph and crashed the bike. I managed to get it back on the road and was able to ride it home. For the most part the bike and myself faired pretty good. I dented the gas tank, scuffed some plastic, and maybe bent the bars. Now that I have had a chance to look at things it appears that the bars and wheel are not exactly straight. The dent in the tank came from the left turn signal. If I turn to full left lock the brake hose barely hits the edge of the tank. When I go full right lock it appears that there is about 1/2 in. difference between the distance from tank to fork, from one side to other. What the best way to try and get things lined back up? Also if I need to buy new bars I want something with the bend but an inch taller. Any suggestons there also.
  8. SSHANK42

    I hit a deer

    Bambi killer my ass. More like Bullwinkle.
  9. SSHANK42

    I hit a deer

  10. SSHANK42

    Best Seat?

    Look at www.greatdaytoride.com
  11. SSHANK42

    Chain maintenance ??

    If you are replacing the chain then no breaker needed. Just take a grinder/Dremel with cut off wheel and cut it off. I replaced with a D.I.D. chain and master link. 20,000 mile and no problems. A chain press is nice but not neccesary to get the the master link compressed so the clip will fit. Just easier with a press.
  12. SSHANK42

    Chain slack

    2 fingers between the top of the swing arm and the chain at the end of the slider. Fingers fill the gap with a slight drag. Bike in neutral on side stand with no weight on the bike.
  13. SSHANK42

    Where to buy tires?

    Sorry to ask this but did'nt find it in a search. I had a few places saved on computer, but they vanished. So where is everybody buy their tires from? A couple of place have them cheaper than others but the shipping sucks. Thanks for help.
  14. SSHANK42

    Where to buy tires?

    Same thing for me. They did offer a great price and th shipping was free. I ordered on a Friday morning around 8 a.m. The tire was in stock to be shipped in 2-3 business days. So I figured it would ship no later than Tues. Guess they take a 4 day weekend. It shipped on Thurs and arrived the next Wed. Glad I was not in a pinch. I will not order from them again.
  15. SSHANK42

    Questions on chain swap sprockets etc

    Yes you can.
  16. SSHANK42

    Riding Gear

    Not sure the name of the name brands. My coat has a removable quilted liner so it is a year around item. I bought a pair of bibs and gloves from Cabelas (I think). The were advertised as snowmobile gear. As for a hood I use a balacava under the helmet. To me the important thing was to get something that would keep the wind from passing thru. After you accomplish this you can always add layers to keep warm. I ride to work in temps. around 20F and stay warm.
  17. SSHANK42

    Chain / Sprokets

    I just replace mine for the 1st time. It had 19,000 miles on it. Chain and sprockets looked good but it was at it past specs. I thought about taking a couple of links out and adding a master link but was afraid to.
  18. SSHANK42

    Brake pads; EBC vs. OEM vs. ???

    Currently I am running a set of EBC's, not sure of the model tho. They stop the bike just as well as the OEM's and seem to be lasting just as long. The one complaint I have is they are noisy as hell, squeeling mostly. They have did it since day one. It sounds like a welfare mobile coming to a stop and for that reason I will go back to OEM.
  19. SSHANK42

    look on the garage floor what do i see???

    :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
  20. SSHANK42

    130/80 rear tire

    It will fit without any problem on the stock rim. I run a 130/80. I think it helped my cornering a bit. Of course I switched to a Dunlop 607 at the same time. So not sure if it was the size or the type of tire that made the difference. It will also raise your gearing just a wee bit.
  21. SSHANK42

    New master link retainer clip

    Rear sprocket should have the chain size stamped on it also.
  22. SSHANK42

    Oil recommendations

    I use synthetic Amsoil 10W-40. Been changing every 3,000 miles. Think I'm going to up the interval. Oil sill looks good at the 3,000 mile mark. Maybe because the heat is nto that extreme in Ohio.That and my riding is highway miles with very little setting in traffic to drive the engine temp. up.
  23. SSHANK42

    98 Grizzly wont start

    Well I put a new plug in and it didn't help. So I took the plug out hooked it back into the plug wire ground the plug to see if I had spark. Nothing. So then 1st thought was I need a coil, or could it be the neutral swithc, or the C.I.D. I need help. Is the a way to check the coil or C.I.D. before I buy new. Coil is bad but the C.I.D. is pricey. Help.
  24. SSHANK42

    Yamaha 98 Grizzly wont start

    Last night the bike ran out of gas. I put some in it and now it will not start. I pulled the fuel line off the gas shut off and off the carb and both have gas flowing. Also opened the carb drain it also has gas flowing. The bike would hit and run for a couple of seconds then die. Now it won't fire at all. I'm guessing it fouled the plug. Any other thoughts. Thanks.
  25. SSHANK42

    Removing stock chain - how?

    Just picked up my new chain from the Suzuki dealer Friday. It is a continous chain. Not what I wanted. I wanted the broken style with link. So now I have to grind the pins and make another trip to pick up the master link.