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  1. JimmyC

    New bike mods (must haves)???

    For a skid plate, I use one from www.utahsportcycle.com . A bit heavy, but strong. For rocks and logs here in Ohio and PA., it's nice. I here stones pinging off of it all the time. I put one on all of the bikes I have owned. Just my opinion.
  2. JimmyC

    Fair Price for a New 2009?

    I got my '09 about a month and a half ago for $6900 out the door. I was trying for an '08 because not much changed other than the aesthetic but the dealer I went to couldn't find one. Careful when buying one that's been sitting around. Ask the dealer if they ran it occasionally and if they took care of the battery. Mine came from a Chicago warehouse and I couldn't revive the battery(my dealer was kind enough to GIVE me a new one) and had some varnish issues w/the carb.
  3. JimmyC

    Ouch, who cuts a tree and leaves it sticking out

    I understand your pain man. In June, I caught a trimmed limb just above my left boot and burst the muscle sack. Still funky to look at. When I raced downhill mountain bikes, I used a jacket such as the Rockgardn jacket and it worked well. When I would hit the ground, I would skip like flat stone on water. Get well dude.
  4. JimmyC

    Deceleration engine revving problem.

    Thanks everyone. I'll do a systematic approach and let you know.
  5. JimmyC

    Deceleration engine revving problem.

    The hanging idle or intermittent seems to put this little glitch into words Krannie,yes. Thanks. I took the smog pump off and used applied racing block off kit in hopes that it would be a remedy and I may have two whole hrs on this bike, got it maybe 3 weeks ago. I couldn't ride it do to the weather and 'til I had the the skidplate and barkbusters on. Jetting kit. I'll have to study up on changing it and do it. Thanks
  6. JimmyC

    Deceleration engine revving problem.

    Yeah, like I said, hard to put into words. Usually going down a hill when it does it, but it's not the normal engine braking rev.
  7. I'm having trouble putting what's happening into words. I have an '09 450x and when I'm down shifting while slowing down, the motor revs as if I'm twisting the throttle. It's not the normal increase in rpm as you down shift either. Yes, I am pulling in the clutch as I shift. The motor isn't really providing any braking. It will stop doing it if I blip the throttle, but that kind of defeats the purpose of downshifting to the correct gear, for example slowing into a turn in order to throttle out. My 250x has never done this. Of course it doesn't have a TPS. By the way, today was only the 2nd ride on it. Any help on this? Thanks