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  1. chaddb9

    Klr 650 Exhaust

    I bought the bike with all the stuff done to it, so I'm not sure of the performance gains. I think the bike runs awesome though.
  2. chaddb9

    Klr 650 Exhaust

    Here is the Vance and Hines
  3. Went and played around the airport today
  4. chaddb9

    Klr 650 Exhaust

    I have a FMF header and a vance and hines exhaust. I'm sure my neighbors hate it, very very loud lol.
  5. I'm looking into doing the Seven Mountains one, and the rest of them really. I need to see how this bike does on the trails before i take it way out someplace and hit the single track. i'm going to try and hit up some of the trails over by the airport soon as long as its not too wet, i have more street tires on the bike now, not to good on the muddy stuff. I found the trails by stopping a guy who was pushing his dirtbike along the road near the airport, he said that its kinda busy on the weekends, and that the police don't bother anyone. I took a little spin around the entrance of the trails but couldn't see much. I was just up in your area today riding in the rain lol. PM me with your info and we will have to ride soon. I assume that its cool to ride there, but that's just coming from one guy. people were parked and had trailers too. I guess no one complains because its next to an airport and the jets are way louder then a dirtbike lol. If it ever drys out this week i will be heading over to explore. Let me know if you / anyone would be in.
  6. Just picked up a 09 KLR650 today, and i found the trails by the Chester County airport. Anyone interested in doing a local ride?
  7. Hmmm i need to check that out. PM me with more info on your bike.
  8. I live right by the airport on 372, I can hear people riding, just figured it was kids. Is there anything good over there? Oh and I only have a DRZ400E dirt bike right now so no way to ride on the road over there. Currently looking at getting a KLR in the next week or so.
  9. Hey i'm also in the Coatesville area and looking for people to ride with.
  10. chaddb9

    Speaker Instalation?

    Go get speaker clips from bestbuy or off the internet. if you go to some of the speaker company's websites they some times have wiring diagrams.
  11. chaddb9

    Compact trucks

    Yea Toyota's do have problems just like every truck does, but I feel they have some of the best track records for reliability. Thats not to say I would not love to have a full size Chevy, Ford, etc. My Toy just will last longer, and thats what its about for me.
  12. chaddb9

    Any photos of your injuries

    Looks like you need a knife to pop that sucker!
  13. chaddb9

    Compact trucks

    The inside of the wheels were painted when I picked up the truck a few years ago. Its just starting to chip from all of the winter driving from Pittsburgh to State College, PA. Never seen any other Toyota's with the in side painted like that makes the factory wheels look much better, I would recommend it! The Hella 500's are the best bang for their buck. So so bright when i first put them on and was testing them on the road I almost ran a guy in a suburban off the road. So I try not to use them on-road, also not DOT approved.
  14. I wish i could afford a sas on my yota! my 3" toy tech lift and 32" tires will have to do for now. pic has my old 31s on it