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  1. Yup you were right fixed my hot start cable and it started 1-2 kick when i was riding today. Thanks alot for helping me! Mike
  2. Ok thanks im gunna check that stuff today and let you know.
  3. I just bought this bike a week ago it was starting fine first kick hot or cold now all of a sudden it wont start when it is hot, but starts when cold? I will check what you said thanks
  4. I am having problems starting my bike when it is hot, I can start it within 2 kicks when cold but once im riding it takes me about 20-25 kicks to start it. It just started doing this. Anyone have any clues? Thanks MIke
  5. Is this all i need? http://www.actionvideocams.com/wst_page4.html
  6. What kinda helmet cam is that, where did you buy and and how much was it? Thanks Mike
  7. I could not find the 07 head on the service honda website can someone send me the link
  8. I am going to put the 07 head on my 04 crf250 along with a cam, and pipe. I was wondering where I can get the 07 Head. And what cam would you go with. Thanks Mike
  9. You were right I wasnt at top dead center.My exhaust clearance is .010 but my intake were .040 and .025. the shim sizes for the intake were 125 and 145 what shims sizes should i buy?
  10. I used that. Now thinking about it your probably right i will check tomorrow. Also that says the clearance should be .011 and .005 but when i went to use the calculator it said like .128 and some other number which is write?
  11. why cant the exhausts have gone to 0?
  12. checked my valves today and both my exhaust clearance is 0, my intake is .045. When i took the shims out they were Right Exhaust-220 Right Intake-145 Left Exhaust-125 Left Intake-215 Im going to honda to pick up the new shims tomorrow what sizes do i need to get? Thanks Mike
  13. im buying the bike, Any problems with the 01's or the yzf's in genral?
  14. o srry idk how to do anything with pictures on this site. And he wants 1700
  15. Is this a good deal for a 2001 yz250f it has BBR kickstarter, new renthal grips, answer oversized bars applied clamp, dr.d muffle,r boyesen apc cover ,jd jetting kit, new rear tire, new chain, and sprockets new exhaust cam auto decomp. The motor is in great shape I tear it down regularly to check it out. Here are some pics http://photos.msn.com/Slideshow/Viewer.htm?locale=en-us&config=%2fSlideshow%2fConfig.aspx%3flocale%3den-us%26folder%3dnBuRgwTGIGj!AUZES4co4Zp1A5LJNbwH1U6BvZ8!O74%24&data=%2fSlideshow%2fData.aspx%3ffolder%3dnBuRgwTGIGj!AUZES4co4Zp1A5LJNbwH1U6BvZ8!O74%24%26index%3d0