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  1. budhoot

    Water Problem

    Ive got a 2002 yz125 and am having problems keeping water in the radiator. I thought the water pump gasket was bad but it turns out when you look under the water pump thers a small drilled hole. Its not from a crash or anything like that its just a hole that came from the factory. It is not threaded but water just keeps dripping out of it. What should i do?
  2. budhoot

    Honda 450r bogging down

    My friends 450 r is bogging down only when hes on the throttle, it is fine when it idles tho. anyone have any clues on what may be wrong, it all of a sudden started this sounds like bad gas to me?
  3. budhoot

    New XR100 owner

    dude go to this site to trick out your lil ride www.bbrmotorsports.com trust me im 13 5'8 175lbs im strong enough to throw the bike all around i needed the suspension the shock and fork springs and i also got a fmf exhaust(big help) rental bars is nice, no toil airfilter, bore it out, gripper seat cover, asv levers, vortex pistons. thats a good mix there that should make it fast enough for him im tryin to sell mine to buy a 1995 cr250 now but those parts trick out a 100 hope i helped www.denniskirk.com www.btosports.com www.xr100.com thanks -bud
  4. budhoot

    xr100 boggs in 4th!

    sounds too me like a good ole' american tune up or just clean the carb could be junk in the bowl??? clean the air filter. change the oil. thats waht i always do
  5. budhoot

    bike wont idle

    man in 5th gear im goin like 55 or so im 14yrs 175lbs and 5'7 about 3/4 throttle too not wide open
  6. budhoot

    "Competition Exhaust" ??

    ya that exhaust is pretty thrashed but im sure you can look on www.ebay.com they always have cheap stuff i shop there for myself