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  1. bklcll020794

    Dual Sport Bike, which is best

    hell i didn't even think they made hodaka any more ,had a wombat in the 70s well cool lmao,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. Haven't got it yet,been riding dr for a while any problems in the past years and how are they off road..... I ride 30/70 can it be setup for moderate trails? up or down before i sign:thumbsup:
  3. bklcll020794

    How to measure engine idle

    the thing is your idle changes and depending on temp and alt, it can go up or down +-300 rpm or more,thats why i mounted the little sendec to keep me in the ball park while riding...happy trails:ride:
  4. bklcll020794

    How to measure engine idle

    Well SENDEC makes a mini tach that gets you in the ball park it mounts any where.
  5. bklcll020794

    Max Wattage!

    Thanks m8s i will probly cut into the high beam circuit and hook 100 watts off that,it should make it real handy on the fire break at night. thanks:thumbsup:
  6. bklcll020794

    Max Wattage!

    Who can tell me what the max wattage is for the lighting circuit on a 06 DR 650, I'm running one 50 watt halgen along with oem headlight,can i add one more and cut out the high beam or will it fry my stator:confused:
  7. bklcll020794

    Aftermarket Air Filter

    I run stock filter on dusty fire roads i always keep an extra oiled outer foam in a baggy for "GP" and no mess. tried KN too much dust..
  8. bklcll020794

    Rear Rack....quick question...

    Got a real quality rack from ALKO METALWORKS fit like glove,good craftsmanship. Looked at OEM to small for my needs.,here's a photo:thumbsup:
  9. bklcll020794

    Idea's For Case Saver's "anyone"

    Is anyone running casesaver's or guards,If so where to get and how much. there is some iron works out there some where who's doing cus:crazy: tom
  10. bklcll020794

    Trouble with the new DR650s??

    Well i have an 06 and really haven't had a bit of trouble with it i ride it every day even in winter, have chain roller noise and counterweight noise no knocks. have 3200 miles and runs great dids some mods for long trips but runs and rides great:thumbsup:
  11. bklcll020794

    Kings KT-966 Dual Sport vs MEF 99 Explorer Series

    Been riding the kings for the last year it's a good tire,but for stopping it sucks. I ride 70/30 good off road tire and good for paved dry when wet watch out. I try to ride 365 but with ice and snow i do prefer the 606:thumbsup: its a real good all round tire,good soft rubber.Just test out different tires and ride the one's thatfit your style..
  12. bklcll020794

    Jetson piece a crap

    Well someone out bid me and thank the suzuki god,s but i did not want one of you m-8,s to end up with the sh,,ty deal!
  13. bklcll020794

    Jetson Exhaust?

    thanks for the info........
  14. bklcll020794

    Jetson Exhaust?

    Anyone have any info or comments about the Jetson Suppressor??????
  15. bklcll020794

    Service Manual 95-06

    DR650.pdf[/url] I created this for link for all to have a copy of the service manual,It's slow but if you need it, It's Worth IT......You all have help me enjoy a motorcycle again: A DR650 THANKS Brad K Losli Nampa ID