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  1. About two months ago I posted to try and get the right flywheel puller for an 09 450 and turns out there the same as an X model 450. Anyway it was in my shop for a fourth and fifth gear problem. Pulled the motor, split the cases and found a chipped shift drum, bent shift fork and all but destroyed third, fourth and fifth gear. (have pictures if anyone is interested) All the parts were available, repairs made and the thing worked better than new. Suddenly another guy from the track I get a lot of work from started complaining of the same problem, as well as a few fellow thumpertalk members contacting me about why I was splitting cases on such a new bike. After explaining, seems they have the same problem with there 09's. Well three or so months down the road, and about another 30-40 hours on the one I fixed, he seems to think that problem may be slowly reoccuring. Im hoping this isnt another decomp pin situation with the trannys now. Just wanted to get an idea from all of those on here that have 09's or maybe have heard of these same problems, or maybe know if there is a Honda bulletin or recall notice for these things. Any and all insight or opinions would be great.
  2. Anyone know of a company making a flywheel puller for the 09's yet? I have one in my shop with transmission issues and the standard CRF puller doesn't fit. Motion pro's web site was down when I tried to see if they make one, so just wondering if anyone has needed one yet and where they got it. Thanks.
  3. Anyone have a tested setup for the new 09 KYB Honda forks that works? I set them up with a shim setup that was similar to what worked awesome in my previous Showa models, since now the KYB's are so close in design to the Showa's, but the response is terrible. They seem a little better than they were stock, but to me, seem to have the same feel that the old KYB design on the my 01' and 02' Yamaha's had, a plush stroke with a harsh spike at the bottom of the stroke, and poor response in large braking bump turn entrances. Are the pressure springs to heavy in the new forks to give them a plush feel all the way through, or did Honda and KYB just miss the mark on their valving this year? Why would the factory team swap out for last years Showas unless they couldnt find a good setup with the KYB's either. Never have been a big fan of how KYB's have ever worked for me, but for the last 5 years on Hondas, Showa seems to have it down to a science with minor mods to make them work awesome. A direction to any links or previous posts would be a great help.
  4. crf197

    Damper assembly disassemble?

    So what is the best way to get the damper rod through without causing any seal or bushing damage by the threads where the jam nut and rebound adjuster thread on?
  5. Any one know where to buy or best way to build a tool to disassemble the damper rod to get the rebound valve out without damage to the the tube? I do a lot of seal changes and fork service for people, and I noticed some of these come from reputable suspension shops and it looks like someone took a pipe wrench to them just to get them apart. Im assuming someone makes a tool to seperate, (for instance on a Showa, the gold portion of the tube that holds the compression valve, from the unfinished part of the tube with the two dimples or shallow holes that are usually a little rounded out from proper disassembly ) apart. I am getting a little deeper into it and would like to be able to service the whole fork and not just the seals and comp assy. Any help would be great. Thanks