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  1. bfchinois

    foot pegs.

    the footpegs are pretty simple to remove but the cotter pin that holds the footpeg pin can get damaged beyond use in the process. but as the previous poster mentioned, just file the pegs without removing them from the bike.
  2. bfchinois

    Quick steering bearing question..

    yes the steering stem bearings are the same (91015-KZ4-701) for 04-09
  3. bfchinois

    Aftermarket filter fits like crap

    +1 on the Moose filter. the neoprene lip seals well and doesn't need grease to seal like other filters. FYI on the Twin Air with cage powerflow kit, since the cage eliminates the backfire screen, the filter is fire retardant and consequently more expensive.
  4. bfchinois

    Canadian on-line retailers

    thanks for the feedback everyone. basically i was looking for at least someone who had bought from them to ensure that they were not some basement operation. i emailed them looking for something that wasn't on their site and they gave me a price on the item i was looking for plus another option. the email mentioned that they were still in the process of adding more product so if you don't see something, email them and they will let you know if they can get it or not. plus, shipping charges wasn't an issue since they shipped Puro ground free on order over $100.
  5. bfchinois

    Re-useable oil filter ???

    +1 on the PC filter. I got it from www.motokuhl.com for about $30. it is really easy to clean by either back flushing with contact cleaner or by taking it apart. the biggest problem with paper filters is that their filtering properties degrades over time, especially if you don't replace it often. the stainless filter does pay for itself pretty quick in comparison to paper filters.
  6. bfchinois

    throttle is sticking

    a couple thoughts: 1. if using handguards, make sure the end of the grip isn't get caught up there 2. some handguards with the internal wedge can bulge the handlebar and cause the throttle to stick. also, check if the bar is bent underneath the throttle.
  7. bfchinois

    Canadian on-line retailers

    I've been doing some searching and found a couple Canadian on-line retailers and trying to get some feedback on them: www.motokuhl.com and www.gnarlyparts.ca. Any good or bad feedback? I really would prefer to shop in Canada and not deal with currency exchange and cross border hassles. Actually I would prefer to shop locally but have grow tired of bad attitudes and begging for a deal at my local dealer. Thx.
  8. bfchinois

    Cycra pro-bend didn't fit worth a darn

    I love accessories are "universal" fit because they all fit universally imperfectly. I'm happy with my Cycras now after rebending them a bit have had to make similar modifications with other brands.
  9. bfchinois

    Clutch questions!

    basket, inner hub and pressure plate are the same between the 05 r and x. plates, fibres and springs are also the same. it is a good idea to change the springs when replacing the fibres and plates and you can usually find them all in one kit. i do suggest replacing with oem or hinson fibres since they wear much better than other aftermarket brands. the spark plug is different for the x - be glad since the r plug is outrageously priced.
  10. bfchinois

    Calgary riders

    maclean has a good variety of singletrack for both beginners and advanced. i've found that the further south you go, the more technical the trails become (ie. steepness, log hops). swanny's ridge isn't too technical and has been cleared.
  11. bfchinois

    Honda OEM parts in Alberta

    try GW Cycle in NE Calgary (on Meridian Rd)
  12. bfchinois

    CRF250 hinson clutch

    buck up for the hinson if you can. my post was to inform regarding why there was a price difference between hinson vs moose racing when they physically looked the same.
  13. bfchinois

    Rear brake pads...

    i'm trying some DP SDP-MX sintered pads on the front and they had a little squeal to them initially giving some indication of the metallic content in them. i have found them to have a more positive feel over stock. for rear pads, i'm using the EBC MXS with good luck and they have lasted for a full season through mud plus i drag the rear brake in tight trees. for chains, the 520XSO's that i've bought have been clip link. the EXW is the higher end RK chain from all the literature that i've read (and is a rivet link).
  14. bfchinois

    CRF250 hinson clutch

    a heads up on the hinson vs moose billet clutch baskets. hinson does manufacture the moose racing basket which is why they look identical with the same instructions, etc. the primary difference is that the hinson basket is akadized (vs anodized) which is a much costlier and harder finish over anodized. the moose basket is still very strong and won't notch as easily the OE basket though.
  15. bfchinois

    Calgary riders

    rmdra.com has guided rides. at mclean, you can usually hook up with a group of riders at the launch area -- everyone is really friendly