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    I Ordered my SSR X3 From them and it was $$. The gripe I had was with the shipping company. They would only deliver on Tuesdays. I ended up making a trip out to BFE to pick it up, but none the less got it on a friday as I wanted to.
  2. bpatterson6

    I want more power for my SSR 125. what to do??

    My motor is stock, I now have the 24mm Keihin Carb Installed and the BBR D-Section Big Bore Pipe, Plus the BBR CDI Box. I haven't installed the rotor kit yet, but I should have that done in a matter of weeks. So far so good, Power is up alot with those upgrades. But I hear the Rotor Kit is key. I also have heard from certain people that shaving the fly wheel is a good thing too. I dunno if I'll try that with this motor. I may wait until it pukes and then go for a GPX Works.
  3. bpatterson6

    I want more power for my SSR 125. what to do??

    I am getting ready to do the Keihin 24mm Carb Upgrade and the Rotor Kit. I have already replaced the CDI box and put on a BBR D-Section Big Bore Pipe, So i'll let you know how mine is afterward...So far so Good withthe Pipe and CDI Box.
  4. bpatterson6

    Staggs Shock for SSR-X3

    Will this Shock fit the SSR X3? https://s.p6.hostingprod.com/@www.staggsminis.com/ssl/store/images/50-RCMONO2-2T.jpg
  5. bpatterson6

    ssr pics

    I want a nice brake pedal for mine... I have an SSR X3 and would love to get a hold of one... http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-042206-1.JPG http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-042206-2.JPG http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-042206-3.JPG http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-042206-4.JPG http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-042206-5.JPG http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-042206-6.JPG
  6. bpatterson6

    SSR C-4 vs. B-2

  7. bpatterson6

    Newb here...SSR 125 X3 Owner

    Anyone Know where I can get a replacement Top Crown that will have a stem that will fit the Sano BMX Style Bars? Right now, I have a new set of bars that wont fit because the stem isn't right. The Standard top crown replacements wont fit because of the Inverted fork Configuration, So what Do I do? Thanks.
  8. bpatterson6

    Newb here...SSR 125 X3 Owner

    The Bike Performs well. and is sooo much Fun to Ride!!! I have already spent about 1400.00 in Upgrades... I have one minor issue. The Bike came jetted wrong for the altitude in Colorado So I need to have the carb jetted and Tuned. WIll have the done this week... Updated Pics from Today... http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-Sano7.JPG http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-Sano8.JPG http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-Sano9.JPG http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-Sano10.JPG
  9. bpatterson6

    Newb here...SSR 125 X3 Owner

    More Updated Pics... http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-Sano5.JPG http://www.pattersonofficenet.com/Minis/Images/SSRX3-Sano6.JPG New Plastic, Graphics, BBR Shifter, Sano Engine Deco Kit, New BBR Seat, New Sano Pegs... More Coming... New Bars, New Throttle...
  10. bpatterson6

    Friggin Flat Tire

    Can get it to re-seal. Stock Wheels on SSR X3 125 1. Are they Tubeless? 2. If So, What the heck do I do to stop the Tire Spinning on the Rim and seal...Cant ride with it like this....Arrrggghhh!! &%$#@! am I doing wrong?
  11. bpatterson6

    Newb here...SSR 125 X3 Owner

    OK so Replace the Spark Plug and a new Fuel Line Later and I'm good to go and rode it finally. HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT?!?! Never the less, I can tell the Throttle and Cable Def. needs to be replaced with something good... I'm thinking a Sano Systems:
  12. bpatterson6

    Newb here...SSR 125 X3 Owner

    NEVERMIND on the starting issue. I got it running. Now I cant keep it running. I'm irritated to say the least, But I'm getting it...
  13. bpatterson6

    Newb here...SSR 125 X3 Owner

    I can't get it to Start. I have a connector with nothing on it. I have 3 pics of a Connector. Does anyone know what this is for? Battery?
  14. bpatterson6

    Billet Frame Bike From SSR

    New Pics just posted by me... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=353756
  15. bpatterson6

    Newb here...SSR 125 X3 Owner

    I just got the SSR 125 X3 in today and it's fully assembled just hasnt been started yet. Already I love the bike, but as everyone has said, upgrades are needed right off the bat. Already I have ordered BBR plastics (Black), and a BBR Seat along with the BBR Graphics "Skull". I already see the pegs are bent from shipping and there was oil all over the box. Oil still looks to be full. All I need to do is put Gas in the Tank and it's Ready to be started. I am tryingto Finish the once over to make sure it's good to go. btw the seat was split open at the back when I opened the Box. NO FAULT OF RICK AT http://www.mxmotorsports.us though...He has so hooked me up! I'm stoked!! Thanks RICK!! So here is my Immediate upgrades beside the things mentioned above. Footpegs and Footpeg Mount Kick Start Lever Brake Pedal Bigger Bars Gear Shift Lever Throttle Air Cleaner Eventual Upgrades: Marzocchi Shiver Fork Sano Exhaust Hyper CDI Elka Rear Shock and then Cosmetic Changes Carbon Tank Cover Carbon Ignition Cover Carbon Fork Stanchion Covers It's sad that Already I want to go further with upgrades than I planned... Here are the pics... The pics are still posting now...They Number from 1 to 30 so just change the last digits after the dash. They are High Res, so they may take a few to load... Better Pics Tomorrow when it's sunny outside...