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  1. Arickosmo

    DRZ for Off Road only

    I'm 5'11 and 180. I love the power and I love the suspension. If anything I'd take it a bit stiffer but it does just fine if you're not into jumping hard. It's kinda like riding a couch, it's that comfortable. Get the "E" model and you'll have a great time. However, you won't be keeping up with him for long.
  2. Arickosmo

    Cool Old school board racing vid

    Thanks very much. All my friends are getting a link right now. What a great find.
  3. WOW~ what a nice garage door. thanks much!
  4. Arickosmo

    cemetery riding

    Yeah, while it does look like fun, so doea riding a golf course. Only thing is, only one who will more than likely shoot at you on a golf course is the owner. I would have taken a shot if you rode through a graveyard that I was visiting.
  5. Arickosmo

    lots of dirt bikers

    Yeah, or a bunch of motorcycles. J/k, couldn't help it.
  6. Arickosmo

    perfectly timed photos

    I took this hoping for a good shot...it turned out better than I thought.
  7. Arickosmo

    Crotch Rocket Accident *PG13*

    Any take on the red flag in his pocket? I guess I'm too midwestern to know what that is supposed to mean.
  8. Arickosmo

    I want this bike

    Looks like triumph wants to play with Honda and Ducati...
  9. Arickosmo

    write a caption lol

    RC: ...No, I really am serious. You're probably going to want to get rid of that Duran Duran looking shirt before you end up in that barrel over there, serious man.
  10. Arickosmo

    Rev Limiter?

    thanks, on the airbox tomorrow. Oh, btw, choke has no effect.
  11. Arickosmo

    Rev Limiter?

    Okay, I have an '04 E with JD jetting to alt. specs, snorkel off, Yoshimura RS3 full system. It is in great shape. I have always had a bobble at high RPM and thought it was due to the still corked stock pipe. I replaced that with the RS3 but still have the high end bobble. It feels like I'm hitting the rev limiter but I don't think, nor do my more experienced friends, that that is the case. Short of taking apart the carb and going over it, is it likely that the stock limiter could be bad? Secondly, is it worth it to buy a hotter rev limiter in money/reliablility terms? Thanks in advance.
  12. Arickosmo

    Some good dirt throwin' pics from today!

    Love the 4th pic!
  13. Arickosmo

    DRZ400SM for 16 yr old??

    I didn't start riding until I was 32. I would say that the years of driving, and 1 year of offroad have probably saved me some pain and possible death. I would argue that a 16 year old should quite possibly not be "entitiled" to drive let alone ride on the street. Granted, in a car, you may hurt others but you will see just how bad others can be at driving. It may save your life later. If your parents think you can handle it, great. If you do get a bike, DO take a training course, it will help. Some of the best skills I've used on the road came from off-road experience and I'm still new. Long/short: I wouldn't let my kid have a bike at 16. If I did, he'd be in training and contiune to ride off-road.
  14. Arickosmo

    Naked and finished!

    Yeah, where do I send the check? I want that!
  15. Arickosmo

    ANOTHER LOOK: global warming

    I just hope that people don't do what we usually do and forget everything that was "claimed" or "argued". In this arguement, someone is going to be very wrong. I hope that the claims/lies from this argument over what is now known as "global climate change", formerly "global warming" and a few more years back, "the coming ice age", are held up to remind those who claimed them.