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  1. iharbord

    need stock yz 250f pipe

    01 to 05 will work i have an o1 on my 03 and it mounted up just perfect
  2. iharbord

    Black Acerbis plastics

    on Dennis kirk there are some prety bad ass graphics or go to motosport.com
  3. iharbord

    boysen quickshot for a wr

    Before i got the quickshot my wr250 was a pig now that i have it is alot more responsive and no more BOG!!!!!!! I would recomend that if you end up getting one look on ebay, they are alot cheaper.
  4. iharbord

    YZF Exhaust

    Does anyone have a 2003 Yz250F stock exhaust that they want to sell?
  5. iharbord


    You will have to rejet the carb because i was thinking of doing the same thing. I talked to the guys up at yamaha and they said that it would increase the powerband alot. do you know where i can find one as well.