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  1. spyplane

    Please Vote for 2 strokes

    I know this poll is not for Honda 2 strokes please click this link and at the lower left vote for 2 strokes. I want to make sure one manufacturer continues to make the 2 strokes!!!! http://www.ktm.com/News.211.0.html
  2. spyplane

    Hyde Racing pipe guards. Any good? see pic

    I have nothing but good things to say about the hyde gaurd. I crack up evertime someone says man that thing has to catch a lot of mud. It is less likelly to catch mud than a standard aluminum guard. With the pipe having coverage it actually blocks some of the mud that is getting slung off of the front tire. I ride in all conditions (Including sharp rocks) and have never after riding went "Man I cannot believe how much crap my skid plate catches!!" Usually it is more like "Man I am glad I had that thing on my bike or I would be dropping 200.00 on a new pipe!!" I usually wash my bike when I am done riding anyway. Heres a link to a pic http://lh4.google.com/spyplane8/RjAWIAc_mwI/AAAAAAAAA_w/V9DBrVhjD3Y/PICT0037.JPG?imgmax=800 http://lh3.google.com/spyplane8/Rwu4PHPj_KI/AAAAAAAACBE/HR0A9LvJQyE/TJ4.jpg
  3. spyplane

    Feet position on pegs - standing?

    Arches of your feet. Right foot over your brake. Left foot same position yet slighly tilted out to avoid random gear shifting in tight situations. To shift try to just roll my foot down or around and under the shifter but many times I just lift my foot and tap the shifter up or down. My bike doesn't require a lot of shifting though.
  4. spyplane

    ...ran my first harescramble today!

    Jump rope 10 minutes then go straight into push ups (do as many pushups as you can) burn out. Repeat. Longest break is the time it takes to get up from pushups and start jumping again. Doesn't sound like much but it hurts!! Start with 2 10 minute cycles and also Ride, Ride, Ride!!
  5. We are replacing the shock bearings on my sons RM 125 and found the heim joint where the linkage connects to the frame. The one with the 17 mm bolt. Is completely bound up. I can get the nut off the end and I can barely spin the bolt in through the heim and frame but it will not budge as far as getting the bolt out so I can get the linkage off. I need to replace that bearing as it is completely wore out. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. spyplane

    2008 Ktm 300exc-e

    I have to say that it seems like many people over think what KTM is trying to do. The bike will supposably weight the same as current bikes yet have a new feature that will help conserve energy and is a definate advancement. I suppose you all wish we still had to hand crank our cars to start them. KTM is trying to give 2 stroke every forseen advantage of the 4t and we should thank them. They could be shying away from 2t development all together. No one can tell me that when you are exausted in any race and stall your bike that they wouldn't welcome the estart. 2 strokes are easy to kick start but they will be even easier to Estart. KTM has not been around for many years by luck!!
  7. I recently purchased a rear 120 18inch MT16 and have ridden about 350 miles on the tire. The tire performs great and once you get used to its tendencies it really is sweet. I ride primarily in Idaho City. It consists of shale rock, hard pack ,soft dirt, sand and still a bit of mud. When I first purchased the tire I could not believe how deep the lugs were on the tire. I remember reading how well the tire wore. My tire has about 1/3 of the tread worn off(maybe a bit more). My question is is how many miles on average is everyone getting on the tire before they replace them? I have a race this weekend and then the Idaho City 100 next weekend and just wondering if I should think of replacing it. Thanks
  8. spyplane

    Down Hill Panic

    "Don't fight gravity it always wins!" I say ride the downhill like it is flat. Make sure to look far enough ahead to tell if there is anything that may cause issues at speed. Then stand with your weight over the back of the seat. I usually pull the clutch in or ride a gear high so I can roll at speed. Once you have this dialed the amount of energy you save is huge. I alway compare it to snowboarding when you first learn going down the hill feels way to fast so you try and slow down. Then next thing is you are exausted from fighting gravity and have probably fallen down 3 or 4 times. Just get used to the downhill speed and don't fight gravity
  9. spyplane

    Neck Surgery

    Dwight, the dread of surgery will be gone when you don't have the pain or tingling anymore. It will all be worth it!! Good luck!!
  10. I bought a 04 250 exc ktm and it came with a new EnduroComp III rear tire. I didn't think I would like the tire. After a wet muddy spring that has dried very quickly I have to say I have never riden a tire that did almost everything well. Now I look to purchase one and am having a hard time telling if they have been discontinued. They still list on Michelin's web site but when I call their customer service they no longer list them. Does anyone know if they just renamed the tire or is it gone???
  11. spyplane

    holding on!

    Yup, make sure the bike is pushing you not pulling you. Use your fingers not your hands.
  12. spyplane

    A Fast Sit Down Rider

    Lets not forget that standing lowers are center of gravity. I have noticed many people think sitting puts more pressure on the rear wheel. This is not always true as when standing there is still the same amount of weight but you can also push into your pegs for added tractions. Also for me the lowered center of gravity when weighting the pegs really helps in navigation on tricky terain. IMHO There is alway a point when sitting down is a good thing especially when it smooths out and you are taking a breath or conserving energy. If I can hold good standing technique I seem to ride a lot smoother to. JMHO
  13. spyplane

    Bought a 250 exc 2t to replace my 03 450 exc

    another pic. I went to drool on it at lunch again.
  14. spyplane

    Bought a 250 exc 2t to replace my 03 450 exc

    Here is some crappy pics of my new ride from my phone. Mine is the one on the left.
  15. spyplane

    Bought a 250 exc 2t to replace my 03 450 exc

    actually no I do no MX work. I ride primarily single track in the Idaho City area. The practice track is also single track. The area we ride is the same area of the Idaho City 100. The Idaho City 100 is a 2-Day AMA sanctioned International Six Days Enduro Qualifier. The 450 exc was the correct model range just not the right model. For me anyway.