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    MX track needs your support.

    I Live In The Heart Of Maltby(maltby Cafe Area). I Have A 8 Year Old Son Who Has Rode And Raced At Mxgp Since He Was 4. If This Track Does Not Go In He Will Be Devastated. Lets Just Think About The Kids And Families That Love This Sport. It Is More Than Just A Track It Is Part Of Our Lives. Xracer1 You Live In Snohomish Not Maltby, So Stop Affiliating Yourself With Maltby As You Are Giving It A Bad Name. And Yes I Have Lived In Maltby For Over Seven Years Now And I Consider It More Industrial Then Residential. You Are Just A Greedy Person Trying Make A Bunch Of Money From Your Property That You Bought Dirt Cheap Because Of The Surrounding Industrial Properties, And Now You Have A Chance To Try And Manipulate People Into Helping Change The Area.