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  1. redrick400ex

    fork troubles...

    Ive had the same problem, even with the zeta top clamp, turns out i just need to break out the torque wrench. cranked it tighter and never had a problem. www.wheelingcyclesupply.com has some shiny "rubber killers" to replace them all for 15 bucks.
  2. redrick400ex

    02 wr 426 down for the count. got a q?

    sorry to say that bikebandit only shows you can get them as a set, but the yz and wr have the same part numbers so the cases are the same. you might want to hit up ebay or search around for a motorcycle junkyard.
  3. redrick400ex

    So many Michiganites? Michiganeans? Mich.. Michigan people?

    i live between lansing and grand rapids, there are no trails around me without driving two hours. unless im missing some
  4. redrick400ex

    Silver Lake Opening Day

    we got five going if its gonna be nice out, anyone know if the snow is gone there yet?
  5. redrick400ex

    Sears Cycle Jack On Sale ---- $59

    i got the cheap harbor freight one last year, the only thing i dont like is that it does take forever to go back down without standing on it. no problems yet, i even used it as a tranny jack for my truck.
  6. redrick400ex

    Wheeling Cycle Supply- Awesome

    I ordered the Zeta top clamp for my SM, he didnt have it any in stock at the time so he offered to take the one off his personal bike to send me so i could get my bike together. he even sent me wheeling fender decals, +1 to forest!
  7. redrick400ex

    Insurance for your Z?

    im 20 with seven points(failure to stop in assured distance and a careless driving for crashing a wheelie) and paying 991 a year for full coverage on an 05 sm through progressive. the idea of the sm being a "dirt bike" seems to make a huge difference, for turds and laughs i got a quote for an 06 gixxer 600 at $8700 a year!!! gave me much more incentive to get an sm
  8. redrick400ex

    Free torque wrench

    you can get the same thing off the snap on truck for 300, nothing like a hundred dollar blue sticker. oh yeah, stock up on batteries, the vibrator will have them dead in no time.
  9. redrick400ex

    One disadvantage to a dual sport bike--FYI

    my girlfriends dad and one of my friends both have their quads on homeowners, they have even covered crash damage for them. all depends on your policy
  10. redrick400ex

    Looks cool???

    go to your local firearms dealer and pick up some blue, it'll actually etch itself in and last through all the pressure washings you can give it
  11. redrick400ex

    DRZ400SM high speed unsteadiness

    im 6 2 and 210, never had a problem in 7k miles. you need to remember that slight bar movements will make any bike unstable, you need to have a relaxed grip and ride with your whole body, not just the bars
  12. redrick400ex

    Drz 400 - Xr 400?

    i have an 05sm with 7000 on the clock with zero problems, also a 400ex honda which has the xr motor. ive beat the livin snot out of it, over heated it in the woods and dunes several times(needs aftermarket oil cooler), but still going strong for three years, with only one spark plug and five oil changes to date
  13. redrick400ex

    What's your pet peeve about motorcycling?

    how about people that say "whats with the street tires on your dirt bike?, why not go buy a real motorcycle?" thay get the finger, the burn out and then the 1st thru 5th wheelie
  14. redrick400ex

    400SM Brake Lines

    prolly to prevent a kink with long suspension travel, thats the only reason i can think of
  15. redrick400ex

    1st gear??

    ive got the 3x3 and jet, my first gear feels just fine