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  1. Anyone know of some good places to camp up there? Got a group going up with some tents and beer! Looking for something by the water for fishing but covered for shade etc... Any riding up that way to? Reason to bring the thumper.
  2. Hoyttech.com camera setup with a LANC 1.6 cable and a Sony HC32 or HC42 from ebay *note you MUST get a "handycam station* when getting these cameras and you will need the sony 10pin A/V cable.
  3. hehe fixed
  4. Yes sure did get it, so I did what any person would do... PLAY! Then I played with the video editing software. Yes it's VERY lame, but I got a good laugh out of it. my lame 1st helmet cam video
  5. god did I get myself in too deep here?!?!
  6. I've had no problems placing my GPS in my backpack. Always fun to see where you went and how fast / long etc...
  7. ??? You can't just use your fingers?
  8. Even if the rings do not have the little holes to stick the pliers in? Might just go over to harborfreight and pick some up, what's 12$ if it makes your life easier.
  9. Yeah so how do YOU get them off? Anyone have some tricks to getting them on or off? I've got a 04 RMZ-250 btw. THANKS!
  10. Hey I'd LOVE to see some pictures of your set up. I just got the Hoyttech.com camera AND an HC32 Which pelican box did you get? How do you run your cables? Whats your battery life on the HC32 and the camera? Anyone else who has a nice setup please post of pictures!
  11. I'm in the Aurora area. I just bit the bullet and tried it for myself. Got the top end off and it's ready to go out. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=489514&page=2 But one of the guys said since I'm this far I should just replace the piston... Thoughts? Worth it, not worth it? Do I have to do anything else besides replace the piston or will I need to hone etc...
  12. Where do you see that? Also if a new piston don't I have to get the cylinder honed etc..
  13. Well I decided to take a go at it... All n all wasn't too hard, just took a while but I had a lot of fun doing it. Now OFF with top to get new springs and valves. P.S. Don't laugh at my bike stand... It does a good job
  14. Yeah same person! How goes it? Kinda doing a "freshening up" sending the top end off to mxtime.com to get the new valves, springs and the seats recut.
  15. Hey peeps I'm looking for a little help. I've got a 04 RMZ250 and need to take off the top end so I can send the valves out to get replaced and the seats cut. Any willing to give me a hand? I've got the service manual just looking for a little help pointing out what I'm doing wrong etc. Also what seals will I need to buy once I pull it off?