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    TTR110 Shifter

    I thought the GYTR shifter was an inch longer than stock???

    TTR110 Shifter

    Thank you!

    TTR110 Shifter

    Anyone know if a TTR90 shifter will work on a 110? I ask because the only lengthened folding shifter I can find is a Moose for a 90. I don't really want to pay $100 for the GYTR part. Same spline shaft size as a Honda 50 but has to angle downward to clear the case. Funny story about the Honda shifter. My wife crashed my TTR110 and bent the shifter.(no really... she did). I took it off to fix it in my vice and forgot about it shopping for an aftermarket folding tip style. I took my daughter and her XR50 to Hollister Hills and we got all suited up and were about to take off. Imagine my horror when I went to shift into 1st with no shifter! With her bike running I shifted it into 2nd, took the shifter off and put it on my bike. We rode to the store and I bought a nice IMS unit, for a Honda 50, and tried to install it on my 110.Not!! I ended up riding with her shifter that day and she has a nice new IMS shifter on her XR50! I do love this TTR110 but I will have to work on the suspension!

    Downsizing for dad???

    Decided to go with a new TTR 110. Yamaha's GYTR performance parts make a ton of accessories for them. I think it will be a blast! I'll keep you posted.
  5. I just sold a CRF450R and bought my two kids CRF50's. I want to downsize to a small bike I can put around on with them but still be able to get out and bomb around a bit. I am considering a SSR 125 pit bike with 12" & 14" inch wheels but am a little hesitant in the purchase. I am 5'5" and weigh about 185. Now, before I get a bunch of hater posts about chinese pit bikes, save yourself the time and don't bother. I have done much research (most of it on this site) and they have come a long way. There is still a ton of JUNK out there but there are some good manufacturers like SSR and Pitster Pro. What do you think about a KLX 110 or a DRZ 110??? Thanks for any helpful input you could provide!!

    Ssr 125 B2 Pro 12"-14"

    I am thinking of buying one of these as soon as I sell my CRF450R. What a change huh??? Anyway, does anyone have one and how are they compared to a KLX110. Will I be able to race it against KLX110's and hopped up 50's? I love the looks and they seem to have all the great options. Big plus for me is, Ca. GREEN STICKER approved!
  7. I have a 03 CRF450r and noticed in the last week drops of oil directly below the front chain sprocket . It is a very slow leak but I haven't rode in about a month. Has anyone had this problem and what is involved in repairing it? Please tell me I don't have to disassemble the trans:crazy: Thank you CDavid67
  8. I took your advise and soldered in a wire to complete the dual filament bulb setup. Worked great with the hydraulic switch on the rear master cylinder but my headlight and taillight dim when I stand on the brake. Any fix for this? Thanks for any help in advance. I am also of the opinion to make up you own dual sport piece by piece. I know the Baja Designs and the Dakar kit are super nice and the best way to go but 500 bucks is hard to come by these days. Hard to convince the wife! 96 xr250 (plated)