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  1. whorfin

    Moto'USA reviews TC450

    I took a peek through the past few days but didn't notice anyone else noticing this... http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/135/1854/Motorcycle-Article/2008-Husqvarna-TC-450-Bike-Test.aspx
  2. whorfin

    husky 125 help?!?!

    I've got an 07 CR125 for sale right now in the MX section of the classifieds. $2800 OBO. Check it out and maybe we can work something out on shipping or transportation as I'm in Atlanta. I'm not enthused about shipping, but no one local is interested.
  3. whorfin

    Settling Down The Cr

    Just looking over the shop manual and the HTS valve (Husqvarna Torque System) as they call it, is set to open at 7500rpm, give or take 200 rpm. I don't see much point in screwing with that to get more torque down low! FYI.
  4. whorfin

    Settling Down The Cr

    Has anyone ever tinkered with changing the power valve spring in one of these Huskies? I've checked the fiche and it looks as though Cagiva doesn't offer different tensions, but it would seem like that would be adjustable like on the KTM's and Kawis (all other two strokes?). Put in a stiffer spring, retarding the valve operation and effectively lowering the torque peak in the rpm's. Perhaps I'l dig in there and see if it's safe to shim it.
  5. whorfin

    Oil change questions for a 2007 TE450??

    The weep hole leaks at 1.4L. Don't bother using that and put in 1.7L as previously mentioned(but no more). I would also change the oil after the first heat cycle in any engine, regardless of what your dealer said. That helps to get all of the excess machining shavings out asap. There will be alot in there so dont be alarmed when you pull the drain and check the screens (BTW, two are concentric so you're only removing two covers to get all three screens). Enjoy the monster!
  6. I had the Flatlands on the TE450 and they survived SEVERAL sled impersonations. I put CRD on the new CR125 and haven't had a chance to test them yet, I just didn't want the weight on the 125 (Flatlands built like a tank).
  7. whorfin

    Husky in flat track?

    No clue about Daytona, but Hall's dirt tracks Husqvarnas. Swanky, no?
  8. whorfin

    Best pitbike for around $1400? (for an adult)

    I've put the pitbike bug in a couple of my workmates at the shop I work at and a few of us got X2 and X4 Pitsters and one fellow got an Orion AGB29. The two are hardly comparable. In every measurable way the Pitster is by far a better machine. The GPX engine is smoother and more powerful with better response. The fit and finish is much better. The frame geometry and handling are in a completely different league. It seems very evident that the Orion has all the elemental parts, but the Pitster has benefited from much more development. Just dont skimp on the PDI process, whatever you get. Incidentally, kudos on the TC450. I miss my TE450 dearly (stolen!).
  9. whorfin

    2007 wr 250 vs. 2001 wr 360

    I have ridden two 360's. One was completely stock and had a very tractable, torquey output that lended itself to short-shifting and lugging with revving not really resulting in faster progress (just shift and lug again to go faster). It felt very four strokish with even some engine braking being evident, and was hesitant to loft the front. The other one was professionally built for racing and was completely bonkers. It would take a very competent and experienced rider to appreciate that machine. The 250 has lighter handling and the more abrupt, atypical 2S hit. It would be such a drastic improvement from the KX, without feeling unfamiliar, that I wouldn't dwell over the 360. Also, unless you A. can throw that $140 around pretty good or B. get a decomp head, it's noticeably more difficult to kick.
  10. whorfin


    Over 100 hours on my TE450 before it was STOLEN, and I only adjusted valves the first two checks. Riding style was a combination of lugging and acute spiritedness where the terrain allowed and the right hand insisted. Guessing 70/30.
  11. whorfin

    TE 450 or TE 510

    Fo-fiddy. Is a fan kit and radiator guards recommended for either bike? I wouldn't bother with a fan for woods or service roads, just don't jet the bike too lean. Guards, however, were a must for me, personally (caution, rider may bail).
  12. Tekrider Rally Sport. http://www.tekrider.com/rs_01.html Stupid expensive but I love it. Warmer than a vented chest guard but much more comfortable than an armor jacket, which I found entirely too stifling, even in cool weather. I have crash tested it several times(seems to be what I do), including having the bike roll over my shoulder, and I never felt a thing. I throw the Camelback bladder in the back and first aid kit, tools and snack in the front pockets and go. Standard slip-on forearm/elbow pads for the arms.
  13. whorfin


    07's are definitely available and trickling in (sold an 07 TE450 this week), but like Norman mentions, we are not likely to order a 125 without a deposit. Too much of a niche machine. Availability is not a problem, though, and leftover 06's are also available for a discount.
  14. whorfin

    WR125 or 250?

    Norman (or whomever), I've got the same question as far as a WR125 vs WR250. My TE450 was stolen and as it turns out, all the tight stuff here in Georgia is telling me to go 2 stroke anyway. This is my first full season riding off road and I was pushing my limits trying to learn all the nuances of sliding around and therefore crashing a good bit, regardless of the linear power of the 450. My thought is, start with the 125, mod it to be as torquey and tractable as possible and consider more power when I can wring it's neck with total control. However, all my riding buddies insist that the 125 is more work and less user friendly than the 250 and I shouldn't even consider it. Before the 450, my first off-roader was a 520exc (dual sport aspirations) and over rough stuff a little bit of improper throttle would have me kissing bark which is exactly what I foresee with a WR250. Probably can't go wrong either way but am looking for a tie breaker.
  15. whorfin

    Husky 450 STOLEN

    Only due to the fact that this was stret legal, did I have the bike insured. But I may take out a theft policy on the next dirt bike regardless. Especially if it's another $7K bike!