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  1. RMCoastie

    Biggest Pet Peeves?

    Slower traffic not keeping right, and then they get an attitude when you flash your lights or try to "push" them. People who think a louder exhaust note on any motorized thing means its faster. Dodges Service Department. Foreign Ebay'ers that don't pay. People who think the flags of the Confederacy/South mean racism. 1/2 Ass or Inconsiderate people in general. Yall get the idea....
  2. RMCoastie

    Who's Your Favourite Retired Racer?

    Travis Pastrana, espically in his two stroke days. He is the reason I wanted a dirt bike, and it had to be yellow. First bike was a 2004 RM125...
  3. RMCoastie

    Observation: Lack of neck braces at A1

    I was like "hmmm" when I saw JP$ and TG3 not wearing them anymore. Josh Grant used to wear a Leatt back in the day and there is a picture floating around one of the MX websites of it. It was when he rode for FC Honda and Unbound Energy Drink sponsored them and CR22.
  4. RMCoastie

    could you go six months?

    6 months is quick, compared to never again. I was restricted from mine for that long after a soil sample that lead to bruising on the brain (Level IV Concussion). My RM250 looked brand new by the time those 6 months were up and she sold the 1st day it was put up for sale (It took 6 months to build up the strength to sell it. FYI, I wrecked on the 450)...
  5. RMCoastie

    300,000 Members!!!!!!

    "God Bless America, Again!"
  6. RMCoastie

    Supercross / Motocross Memorabilia

    2008 Budds Creek! Newer Langston Jersey, Gibson Jersey and a RV51 Rookie Jersey on the E/Bay right now...
  7. RMCoastie

    Supercross / Motocross Memorabilia

    Thanks. From the races (4 races a year typically and almost any "young adult" will sell you a jersey that was just given to them by a rider for 50 bucks), Charity Auctions, Ebay, Certified Dealers, Riders websites, trade other stuff for it, etc... I've got more Im gonna post up as well.
  8. Post up what you've got. This is the majority of my collection that I've been adding too for the last few years. Submitted it to Racer X's, Your Collection and hope to make it on the website soon..... Autographed 2007 Budds Creek MXDN Plate A Collection Wouldn't Be Complete Without a Autographed Tonya Harding Skate.....
  9. RMCoastie

    Chad Reed..no neck brace......

    There are pictures of him from a few years ago wearing a Leatt. JG33 used to wear one as well. CR22 kept up with it though. I think Andew Mcfarlane's passing might also have something to do with it (I know it was more head trauma than anything else)....
  10. RMCoastie

    Who will win 2011 SX Cahmpionship???

    Green, Red or Yellow.
  11. RMCoastie

    Supercross preview Dec. 26 @ 5 on Cbs

    Me too And I know VA would technically be the South... But after living in or within 30 minutes of VA for the last 5 years I feel its in its own realm and has more Yankees than South Florida does (Im from North Florida, also referred to as Georgia by some).
  12. RMCoastie

    Supercross preview Dec. 26 @ 5 on Cbs

    Nothing against you or Mass. Just ranting about the Hampton Roads, Virginia area and not being able to watch the SX preview show.
  13. RMCoastie

    Supercross preview Dec. 26 @ 5 on Cbs

    The CBS in my area is covering the "'The Armpit of America's Blizzard of 2010 (Hampton Roads, VA)." Give me a break, these Yankee's are still gonna drive and get people killed............. Hopefully a re-air or a torrent will come about.
  14. Hell Yeah! Its powerful, fast, enjoyable, loud, etc.... and its a dirt bike!
  15. RMCoastie

    Your A1 top 5?

    2 1 22 41 7 Canard block passes Stewart 3 turns before the Checkers.