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  1. Ohbowhntr

    Chinese d/s hostility?

    From a Chinese Dual Sport owner w/ a Dodge 2500 w/ a Cummins..... You have got to be kidding right???? That Dodge w/ the Cummins is the best truck on the market, HANDS DOWN!!! With a engine that gets 18-20mpg, and will still town a mountain, their ain't nothing like one. And guys that drive real trucks make fun of the rice burners because they can't do the things real trucks do. Now back to my hole as the bike has been garaged for months now.........
  2. Ohbowhntr

    Lifan SuperBike Question

    I can't tell you much about that bike in particular, but it does have a very reliable engine. Those 200cc 2valve engines are the same as what were on XR200's and the same as is on this one ( http://www.hondashop.com.au/db/show_item.php?idx=374&Honda= ) still available new in New Zealand and Australia. The Chinese bikes DO have Nut's and Bolts issues that you absolutely DO need to keep your eye on, and use lots of Lock-Tite and Lock Washers. But once you work out the major quirks, they can be well worth the money. However, I don't think I'd want to be riding 70MPH on a 200cc engine for very long personally.
  3. Ohbowhntr

    bike stand

    I used a 6x6, and cut it into 3 equal length pieces and one longer piece, nailed them together w/ a casing of 5/4 decking board, and strategically placed one extra on top for the perfect arrangement for my bike. It worked very well, and I can spin either the front or rear tire w/o any problems. And it cost me less than $10 to make!!!
  4. Ohbowhntr

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    New 49T rear sprocket on my bike replacing the 56T that was one it previous, and it wants to run like the wind. Nearing 900miles, no major problems, a few minor ones, some my own fault. Best $1100 I ever spent.
  5. How long do you get out of a cheap chain??? I have over 800 miles on my chain, and it is definitely stretched a little, but doesn't show much wear beyond that. I am using the bike mostly on the road, about 80/20, what does a better chain cost??????
  6. Ohbowhntr

    Dual-Sport 200cc Lifan-Powered Bike from Day-One.....

    Actually, 25km/litre is probably not too bad for a factory geared job. I was getting about 60mpg(100km/3.8L) w/ my factory set-up. I just swapped sprockets yesterday, and am anxious to see what change I get, because I picked up 10mph on my top speed easily, and the engine runs a lower RPM's now cruising @ 60MPH, or 100km/hr. For the $$$$, these seem like a pretty good deal, I have thoroughly enjoyed mine in the first 800+ miles, and it runs like a top.
  7. I don't gun hunt anymore, only bow now, so that kind of rules that out. Too much vibration to be putting along with my bow on my bike!!!!
  8. I saw my good buck again tonight, along with about 15 or so "skinheads" here and there, I got a really good look at him tonight, and he appears to have about 5" brows, and looks to be about 2-3" outside of his ears on each side at alert(usually alert whitetail ears are around 16" wide). Making him a 20-22" spread by guestimate, with a great set of long tines. He looks to be a typical 8pt, maybe a 10, with his 2nd and 3rd points both pushing 8-10". With another 6 weeks to grow, he should be a tremendous buck when the antlers harden and he rubs the velvet off.
  9. I have taken my bike for rides around the areas I hunt a few times during the last week, and really enjoyed the freedom to pull off to the side to watch deer, and the ability to quickly and easily turn around when I thought or actually did see deer just out of the corner of my eye. This is really what I was looking forward to in the bike, having the ability to get out and scan fields for a lot less than I would be paying driving my truck or car. The bike is running great, and has really been fun when the weather is nice. I've seen at least 2 bucks that will make the 150" mark if they keep GROWING at this pace!!!! This will be fun to continue to ride around and scan fields as the deer continue to be very active in the evenings. Anybody else using their bike for this sort of thing??
  10. I would have to believe that for overall ratings, ride-ability, parts availability, durability, and overall dual-purpose usability, the winner would have to be a DRZ-400, hands down. I don't believe I've ever heard anyone bash their DRZ-400. But I've sure heard a lot of praises for them. If I am able to upgrade in the next couple years, I will very likely buy one.
  11. Ohbowhntr

    Dual-Sport 200cc Lifan-Powered Bike from Day-One.....

    Pullin, You're babying that thing, I have nearly 800 miles on mine, and I've missed several opportunitites to ride because of weather. But I'm only getting 60-70mpg out of mine. I have a 49T(current is a 56T) rear to put on, but just haven't taken the time to put it on yet.
  12. Ohbowhntr

    Shock help needed for Chinese Dirt Bike

    Not sure about his bike, but I have a similar looking bike, w/ a 2-Valve OHC Honda-Clone engine, same exact specs as a Honda, down to bore and stroke, valve settings, etc. Runs great for a little 200cc bike. Pulls me along at 60+ MPH easily, and I weigh about 240. It's just a cheap $1000 street legal trail bike, but at nearly 70mpg, it will pay for itself if it lasts through next summer. And HONESTLY, it runs better than my old Honda XR's, my old Yamaha TT500, or my old Suzuki DS200 I had. I ride to work everyday, and ride to the store to buy small stuff when needed, and run errands with it. It's a fun way to get out and save some $$$$ on gas. Actually, my plastics and welds really don't looks that cheap either. I compared real close to a DRZ200 at the local bike shop the other day, and a KLR250, and they look real similar as far as quality. My only complaint (which at 240# I shouldn't even be complaining) is that the rear shock is weak, but I expected that, esp. being as big a guy as I am riding a bike with a shock meant for a 150-160# person.
  13. Ohbowhntr

    Trooper shoots quad rider...

    WRONG!!!! I work in a hospital, and we can have tox-screens back within an hour almost every time. The problem is that, you cannot release anything until a full report is completed, and that will likely be another month, maybe more. And "olddude," I would have guessed you to certainly have been a hippy, liberal, anarchist type myself. Not sure if you're playing the "Devil's Advocate" or what, but if you are what Virginia calls a "Conservative Republican" based on your posts on this thread, then Virginia's Republicans have sold-out already. I used to be a Republican, but the party all moved left, and I stayed RIGHT!!!
  14. Ohbowhntr

    Setting off stoplights

    I really like most cops, but you with the arrogance that you convey certainly don't seem like you'd make the majority list for me. Have you ever thought that maybe the rest of the world was wrong and you were the only one who was right???? And here in Podunktown, USA, we have pressure sensors at most of our lights, and my 250# bike with a 235-240# rider doesn't trip many of the lights. On the rare occasion it does, I'm happy, when it doesn't, I watch for a safe opportunity, and zip right across. A ticket for issued in such a circumstance would be quite easy to defend, and more a waste of time than anything else.
  15. Ohbowhntr

    Trooper shoots quad rider...

    I agree with everything you said KTM265, but I think this is the point that needs driven home the most!!!!! INNOCENT PEOPLE DO NOT RUN!!!!! Had this guy been smart that night, he'd still be alive!!!