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    Jetting Help( VP U4.2) 07 Husky 450SMR

    I switched to a 42 pilot, and I am 2-3/4 turns out on the fuel screw. I also set the AP adjustment to 2.75mm ( from 2mm ) The motor idles well at temp, and seems to run very well.... There is also much less pop on decel. I've only been able to test a couple of laps around the block, but its definitely an improvement. Thank you.
  2. Bike: 2007 Husqvarna SMR 450. JD kit. 185 main, 45 pilot, thick O-Ring, Full TI leo Vince Exhaust. K&N filter, red-needle 5th clip, 1-3/4 turns on fuel screw. 600-1200 ft elevation, 75-90 degrees. Problem: Switched from 93 pump gas to VP U4.2 Jetting felt pretty close on the pump gas, but now that I am using VP, bike sputters at idle, and stalls. Any help appreciated.