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  1. rxxx

    99 wr400 rear wheel?

    What other model bikes can I interchange rear wheels with? My rear wheel broke and I'm looking to purchasing another used one, will the YZF450 or YZ250 rear wheel fit onto my 99 WR400? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for your input Mog! I torqued cap against the nut which is set at the bottom according to the manual. Throughout the whole proceedure I did not pay attention to fully close the adjuster before threading the cap.
  3. I recently changed fork oil on a 03 Honda CR85 expert according to owners manual. I used the standard spec for oil height(102mm) with 5W oil. With the forks re-assembled the full range of rebound I'm able to achieve is 1 1/2 turns whereas the manual states I should have atleast 3 turns. Can anyone help me to understand why I've lost 1 1/2 turns of adjustability? How do I correct this issue? thanks in advance!
  4. rxxx

    Damper Rod Holder a must?

    Read the related threads that gave me the answer! http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/ Thanks...
  5. Fellas, I'm planning to replace the oil seal from the front forks on a 1999 WR400. The seal kit and seal driver has already been ordered. I'm having trouble finding a damper rod holder that is called out on the service book. Is this tool a must to get the job done or do you guys have an alternative idea/techniques/tools to use? Thanks in advance..
  6. rxxx

    Handle Bars??

    Looking to purchase new handlebars what brand and model do you folks recomend for ttr-125LE? What is the reason for your recomendation? The bike is used for Desert and Trail riding. Thanks in advance!
  7. My girlfriend recently purchased an 06 ttr125LE, the stock suspension is initially set to its softest setting for preload. The riders weight is 100lbs and with the stock suspension set at its softest preload for front and rear which gives a loaded sag(rider on the bike) 1' 3/4" sag. Needless to say it is too stiff, where can I purchase softer springs? I called race tech and was told that they only make springs that are stiffer. Thanks in advance!