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  1. That's all it's worth as every racer wants a 250f. Offer $1000. If you try to make into a good trail bike it will cost a lot more than it's worth. And the gearing will still be wrong. Or spend a little more and get an exc. I'm assuming this bike your talking about is an sx. An exc will hold it's value better also.
  2. I thought I had a 2k1 on my 250sx? I thought a 2k2 was the 40 watt stator? And a 2k3 had 80-100 watts output?
  3. Does anyone have advice for getting power for lights on a 99 250sx. I understand a 2k3 stator/ flywheel is best ktm stock parts. And a different backing plate (110mm) is needed and larger cover. I would like as much watts as possible ( within reasonable cost). I have seen Trail Tech also makes flywheels that increases output. Any advice or experience?