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  1. jonnyg

    SMR wheels for TE-610?

    sorry not one thats local as i'm in wales ( uk ). But i find ebay a godsend when i need something in particular.
  2. jonnyg

    SMR wheels for TE-610?

    hi, i ve got a 2000 te610 with supermoto rims on, cant quite remember what width the back wheel is but its wearing a 150 tyre which is just about clearing the chain. The swinging arm and forks are all standard, depending on which sproket setup your using you may have to change the length of your chain. I've got a larger brembo conversion on the front end but thats about it. i've got talon hubs with excel rims so i cant see the standard smr rims not fitting. Let me know how you get on.
  3. jonnyg

    HELP-2000 te610 wont start

    is this caused by one of the shafts pressed in the right casing coming out and the gear sitting on the shaft wonders about because i have had trouble with this??
  4. jonnyg

    HELP-2000 te610 wont start

    yeah electric start also with a kickstart thank god cos i'm about ten stone soaking wet so i havent got a hope of starting it on the kick
  5. jonnyg

    HELP-2000 te610 wont start

    stripped the husky down today, once removed the side casing discovered the wiring to the flywheel sensor had melted against the exhaust and so must have been shorting out or something, a couple of heatshrinks later, placed the side casing back on and it fired up straight away, all i have to do now is put it all back together. On a plus point the flywheel magnet seems to be secure anyway thanks for help chaps!!
  6. jonnyg

    HELP-2000 te610 wont start

    cheers gents, i'll go check my magnets and let you know how i get on. thanks jon.
  7. started my bike the other day blipped the throttle whilst cold so cut out. All i can do now is get it back firing throught the carb, top end is turning over (removed rocker covers) all i can think of is perhaps the timing may have slipped, anybody got any ideas?