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    Minnesota Huntersville Grand Opening

    The TC TrailRiders are celebrating the official Grand Opening of the Huntersville trail system. Although the trails have been open for years and the River Valley Enduro Riders created most of the trails and held Enduros in the forest for years, the MN DNR officially designated the trail system in 2009 with the cooperation of TCTR’s Grant In Aid program. TCTR helped to formalize the connecting trails and are working with the DNR to create 2 trailheads, one each on the east and west sides of the trail system. The trailheads should be open by the Grand Opening celebration. Addition details can be found on the TCTR site as the plans are finalized. http://www.tctrailriders.com Guided rides start at 10am. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:30am with hot dogs and more served right after. There will be prizes given away as well! Hope to see you there, Jeff Klein
  2. dirtjeff

    Trail Maintenance Help, Huntersville MN

    The next weekend TCTR members will be up in Huntersville to do some trail work and riding is Sat. July 2nd and Sun. July 3rd. If you're interested, please send me an email. Jeff Klein dirtbikers1@netzero.net
  3. dirtjeff

    Trail Maintenance Help, Huntersville MN

    The trail west of the river aren't directionally marked. There are open signs where trails cross 2-tracks. The trails on the east side are a little better but not much. This is just one of the areas where the TCTR needs more people to help. Have fun on Friday.
  4. dirtjeff

    Trail Maintenance Help, Huntersville MN

    This is the best we can do right now:. http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/input/mgmtplans/ohv/designation/westcentral/huntersville.pdf If you're handy with Adobe, zoom in on the trails only and print that part out, you'll get much better detail. We are working with the DNR to get better maps that will be posted on the DNR website. But with a government shut down likely it's hard to predict when the map will be finished. If you stay on the trails that are most worn in, you wil be OK, there is an Enduro and Trail Ride up there every year so that stuff is easiest to follow and cleared of deadfall.
  5. The Twin Cities Trail Riders are looking for non-competition trail riders that want to help out and improve the trail system in the State of Minnesota. Our club is currently approved through the end June of 2012 to do Grant-In-Aid trail work in the Huntersville State Forest. This means we get paid by the DNR to do trail maintance (clearing deadfall and clear cut areas) and improve the trail system (putting up trail signs, making maps and putting in new trail). Our club has also worked out a plan to reimburse members for doing this sort of maintanence. Huntersville State Forest is located in the center of the state in between the Brainard Lakes area and Park Rapids. We are having a work weekend June 18th and June 19th, if you are available and would like to help either one or both days. Please send me an email and I will give you more accurate information. If you aren't available that weekend, send me an email and I can arrange more work weekends. For more information about the TCTR, check out our website, www.tctrailriders.org. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope to hear from you soon. Jeff Klein dirtbikers1@netzero.net