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  1. I've found posts on here regarding broken hubs and loose sprocket bolts or chain too tight but listen to this one. I've been riding well over 20 years and have never broke a hub, had 6 different 450's and race +25A, until my 2013 YZ450f.. Broke the first one a month ago and thought a rock caused it, new hub all new chain and sprockets and busted the &%$#@!er again. I read the posts on how to not tighten your chain to much but there's a fine line between to tight and so loose its actually grinding away the inside of the frame and making so much noise you can't ride normal. The first hub broke on a landing and the second one over acceleration bumps and ripped the sprocket completely off the bike. I've always loctite the sprocket bolts. Are these new hubs just cheaper built?
  2. 800xr

    Opinions on the 2012 KXF

    Just bought a 2012 kx450f after having a 2010 yz450f. Only thing the kx does better is turn a tight corner and power pulls longer. YZ has more feel in the throttle and requires less clutch out of corners. The YZ has a much lighter front end down bumpy straights and doesnt wear your arms out like the kawi but may thats the trade off for how it turns. The yz is just better built in my opinion also, from frame welds to fit and finish. Either way this one is for sale so i can find a new yamaha to ride next season.
  3. 800xr

    07 CRF 450 problems after rebuild

    the lobes are facing more like 3 o'clock but thats where the local honda dealer said they should be. I'm not for sure what you're talking about w/ tha cam retainer? the camshaft and mount are all one piece i thought?
  4. 800xr

    07 CRF 450 problems after rebuild

    Installed new timing chain. Now marks line up exact. The piston hitsexhaust valves at tdc. actually 1/8" before tdc it hits. it is timed correct!!! could the new piston be too tall? or the new cylinder too short? even if the valves were bent, that doesn't explain why they're hitting the piston?
  5. 800xr

    07 CRF 450 problems after rebuild

    using both timing marks and a screwdriver down the plug hole. It is timed but will not fire at all. i actually advanced it now and it doesn't hit the exhaust valves and will fire but will not run. It has new everything above but the cam chain. will pick one up tomorrow.
  6. 800xr

    07 CRF 450 problems after rebuild

    using both timing marks as they line up when at tdc. It has new crank bearing, cylinder, piston, intake valves and gaskets.
  7. 800xr

    07 CRF 450 problems after rebuild

    both marks are on when the piston is at tdc. it has new bottom end bearings, cylinder, piston, intake valves and gaskets.
  8. 800xr

    07 CRF 450 problems after rebuild

    it does seem to be out of time. It will line up just fine but the cam lobes are not at 2 o'clock, i'd say actually they're more like 3 o'clock and it feels like the exhaust valves are hitting the piston as you turn it over by hand. Could the cam chain be loose enough to cause this? or could the crank have spun when it locked up under load? carb cleaned, compression and leak down are good and has spark. timed it wrong one time and it almost started but when marks are on it will not even backfire or sputter. Thanks again for the input.
  9. Need help w/ my buddies bike. Crank bearings went last year, installed new bearings, new piston and cylinder, new intake valves also as the piston had bent them when bearings went. Now it will not run. Seems like there's not enough compression. Has spark and fuel but will not even spit, sputter or backfire when kicked or pulled. Have had it apart numerous times checking timing, valves for leaking, etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Shannon
  10. 800xr

    09 YZ450f bog?

    I have an 09 450 that's has a bog on landing that's been slowly getting worse and yesterday became so bad that you cannot ride the bike anymore as I almost went over the bars I've ridden and raced yamaha's for 8 years so i usually can figure most problems out but this one has got me guessing. Jetting is one bigger on the pilot & main, 48 and 165 main which were changed this spring to get rid of a slight bog and the bike ran great all summer to fall until the last 2-3 weeks now. located in MN. I noticed this bog a few weeks ago and checked the valve clearances and found three valves on the tight side so reshimmed but still the bog is there on landing. it's not a split second bog, it looses power until you completely let off and get back on it. 1-2 seconds at times. I'm gonna go through the carb tonight and see if i can find anything but figured i'd check to see if anyone has had this problem. Any input would be great. Thanks
  11. 800xr

    yz450 08 carb wire mod

    My 07 450 didn't need the AP mod either, but my 06 did have a gap and the carbs are exactly the same. wonder why that is?
  12. 800xr

    Jeremy RC callout

    The point is that MC is being too cocky unlike Ricky. Greatest of all time should be between both supercross and motocross together. So MC won more indoors, he was well rested from not racing nationals. Ricky won more overall, therefore GOAT. Supercross is for sissys, motocross is for men.
  13. 800xr

    anyone switch from a crf450?

    Raced yamaha's for years then tried an 04 CRF 450 and liked it, so bought an 06 CRF 450 and didn't like it at all, twitchy front end. Sold the 06 after two months & bought an 06 YZF 450 (now for sale). Last year bought an 07 YZF 450, would not go back to the honda any time soon. You'll like the yamaha. The buddy that bought my 06 Honda has since put an new bottom end in & new head on it.
  14. 800xr

    07 YZF 450 better than 06?

    The carbon pro gives it enough power that you never need to use the clutch and thats what I like along w/ pulling holeshots. Bought an 06 CRF 450 at the beginning of last year and didn't like to so went back to the Yamaha's that I've liked for years. Had a carbon pro on the honda also, it has a little more than the yamaha on top but that really it. I can get an 07 that has 2 hours on it for $5300. Can't hardly pass it up.