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  1. I've had people yell at me for speeding when I'm not speeding, call in my tag saying I'm "drag racing" when I'm just driving the speed limit and not accelerating quickly, etc. in my Mustang. It has a full exhuast, but is (well, was) fully legal with cats an everything. And it's only REALLY loud at WOT, which every time I've been yelled at or had my tag called in I was granny shifting. And I drive in a low gear whenever I come home late at night. Side note; I HATE the damn ricers that live in my neighborhood. They all have huge fart can mufflers and drive by at 2am with their stereos blasting.
  2. The Weez

    bent renthals

    I made a set of bars out of barbed wire and razor blades. Works like a champ!!! Just don't wreck. Ever.
  3. I do plan on looking locally. I'm just checking out prices everywhere so I can get a feel for what a "good" price is for the different year bikes. For instance, if somebody local had a 2002 WR250F that looks very clean and seems to run well, has exhaust, Protaper, and some extra guards and wants $2200 for it, is that a "good" deal? Or just fair? I have no idea at this point.
  4. I tried ebay to see what the bikes actually sold for, but didn't come up with much; most of the auctions ended w/o reserve being met. Is there a website that rates used dirt bikes, similar to kbb or nada? I'm thinking 2001-2004 WR250F's, avg. condition for their age, average mods (exhaust, skidplate, etc.)
  5. Does the 03 have the autodecompression cam?
  6. Weight, which ones are electric start, tank size, etc. I'll check out thumperfaq, thanks guys.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'll look into doing it myself; I'm no stranger to a wrench. What's a professional suspension setup (for trail) typically go for?
  8. The Weez

    a/c seperation Why???

    On a side note, get that a/c joint worked on right away! Get several opinions as well. Not sure how bad yours is, but I seperated mine almost completely. First guy I went to told me to just tough it out and it would heal up fairly well on its own. A year later it was still killing me. So I went to another doc and he said he wished I had come to him soon after the accident b/c he could have fixed it very well, but now he could only do a so-so job b/c of all the scar tissue. This damn shoulder still hurts me on a daily basis, but it's a lot better since the surgery.
  9. I can find the latest stuff on Yamaha's site, but where can I find all the relevent specs on the '01-05 models?
  10. The Weez

    YZF or WR?

    Why skip the 2002's? Would you still consider an 01 or 02 WR if the price was right?
  11. Thanks! And I've heard it is also good to have the suspension revalved to tailor to the rider. Is this something that any shop should know how to do correctly?
  12. I haven't had a bike for 7-8yrs and am looking to get back into it. I was no expert ever, just bought a CR125R and played around. Was never a great rider either, but i had fun. So I will be riding mostly trails, river beds, etc, but also want to be able to take some decent jumps when I work up to it. I'm looking at the WR/YZ250F and the CRF250X/R. I had some questions about some of the specs and their use. The trail bikes have a "wide ratio" tranny and the motox bikes have "close ratio." What does this buy me? I also noticed that they have the same suspension, but the trail bike has a smaller rear sprocket. What does this lower gearing buy me? I'll probably buy something a few years old, since I guarantee I will wreck the crap out of it a few times at first.
  13. The Weez

    I was a mud wimp. Have you ever been?

    Same here. We have dense clay soil, and when it gets wet it is slippery as hell and won't come off the bike or your boots.
  14. Glad he turned out to be OK. And neither of them will ever do THAT again. Kids gotta learn the hard way sometimes, but it sure is scary when you have a close call like that.
  15. The Weez

    A curious "who will win" question

    I wouldn't even try it if I were you. The sheer hp of both of those bikes running at the same time would rip a hole in time/space and you would both be instantly sucked into a random alternate dimension.