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  1. steevo

    No Toil cleaner alternative?

    I have been running no-toil for 4 or 5 years and ride in some exteme dusty conditins in the summer, I have never found a trace of anything in my air box and never had a piston problem from sand, dirt or dust bypass. Clean my fiters on gentle in the washing machine to my wife's delight. I like the alternative to the the No-Toil cleaner, I'll be giving it a try.
  2. steevo

    Problem with TTR-50Le

    check to see if you have spark at the plug.
  3. steevo

    Rubber marks of plastic?

    try Vim and a brillo pad
  4. steevo

    carb problems

    check for dirt in your tank, I run an inline filter in our bikes just to make sure.
  5. steevo

    yz250f oil change

    2006 is 1.15 liters without oil filter change and 1.25 with.
  6. steevo

    Tire Air Pressure

    10 Psi in the woods and 12-14 on the track
  7. steevo

    I Don't Understand Why...

    The question is why do you care what other people do with thier own bikes. Maybe more focus on yourself and not the people around you will keep your stress level down. This reply is to the original poster.
  8. steevo

    Drilling frame for Hour meter

    I used and xacto knife and cut out a space in my bar pad the exact size and depth of my hour meter, I then used the double sided tape and two small screws into the foam. The installation looks very tidy.I have had the meter in this location for 30 hours and it does not move.-Even when I flipped the bike.
  9. On my 06 yz250 f I had to trim the ridge of platic on the interior of the shrouds to make them fit. I used an xacto knife, no big deal. They are impressive guards and I have had them on my last two bikes. Flatland makes an excellent skid plate.
  10. steevo

    Need help deciding what sprocket to get?

    I ride mostly woods on my YZF 250.I went two teeth more on the rear. It will change your top speed a bit but if you are riding mostly woods, it is not anything you will notice. It wil allow you to ride the bike in the next higher gear sooner. A definate improvement in tight woods riding. By changing the rear sprocket you can make more of a subtle change as one smaller on the front is equal to approx 3.5- 4 larger on the rear. If you want to experiment, buy a front one as they are cheap, if you don't like it, change back.
  11. steevo

    Valve recall punch

    My YZ has a single punch mark under the fourth letter down below the serial number, the punch mark is very obvious is if it is there. I have close to 70 hours on my bike and it has been a great bike. I mostly ride rocky rooty single track and a littly mx with my son, I think its a great bush bike.
  12. steevo

    Popping.. arrrrrrrgh ! :- (

    It sound like an exhaust leak, My header pipe had a hair line crack in it that was not obvious to see and my bike would pop on deceleration.
  13. steevo

    Calves tightening up while riding???

    You could be dehydrating, I'll get the same thing once in a while when on long enduro rides, especially if I have not been drinking enough water.
  14. steevo


    My sons 11 now ,80 pounds and on a Ktm 65 for the last year, an xr80 would be a good bike to start with to get the hang of shifting as nothing that has gears could be easier to learn on.No gears yet look at the ttr 90. there is not a chance you want him on a 150, I think he would find the xr 100 even on the big size, with the way they hold thier value you can flip him through bikes fairly quickly if you are buying decent used bikes.In a period of two years my son had a pw80, then an xr 80 and now a Ktm65, next up will be the yz85. We do trails and motorcross.
  15. My son has been on a 2003 KTM 65 for just over a year. New top and bottom end when I got it, we have not had any problems with the bike, just lots of oil changes and air fiter cleaning. Yamaha has nothing to offer until the yz85 if they did we would have one as I am all for yamaha. 06yz250f for me. The Ktm site is great for any questions you might have and while the bike may cost more than the kawasaki I think you will find it is worth it. THE ktm 50s seem to be the most finicky,not the 65.