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  1. Scooter58

    I photoshopped a TTer check it out

    yeah go for it and see what yall can do my jumping is still goon but i got some cool corner pics to work with
  2. Scooter58

    where are all the 2strokes at???

    well i ride a 250f and i believe that 250 2s is too much for me lol i rode a kx250 and that bike was damn straight up fast man i do wanna get a 125 but that 250 is whoa fast lol
  3. Scooter58

    High Compression Piston, Anyone?

    i probably had close to 60 hours on my crank and then i put faction mx valve springs stage 1 hotcam je high comp piston and the crank blew out so we got a hot rods crank in there now and have put a cp in it both 13.5:1 comp and bike runs like a scalded dog lol
  4. Scooter58

    2006 Crf

    i know the the stock valves for mine are about 12g or something to that effect while the ss are about 33 i am running faction valves but i have the springs to go with them so they make up for the weight
  5. Scooter58


    well my biggest was probably a 90 foot double but the landing was table top a 75 foot double at the same track mvp here in tn and yeah ill jump just about anything but am still workin on getting it through the corners
  6. Scooter58

    best picture of you roostin

    Don't know if they will work but i like this thread and figured i would post some of my squid style lol http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=10282378&albumId=771153 http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=10282378&albumID=1254112&imageID=22507431
  7. Scooter58

    im confused engine seized

    yeah its a crank bearing that is wat happened to mine i was riding on a track and right before a triple it had the same problems u described and u could kick it over until it got home then it would not budge and inch so its a crank
  8. Scooter58

    Memphis area race?

    my friend cole mccrae will be there sat and sun he is # 151 on a suzuki and i might be there sun look for 351 on a honda cause that would be me
  9. Scooter58

    Replacing head but reusing old valves

    well we just put a new head in my 06 crf250r and u should always always whenever possible put new valves in a new head it is kinda like using an old piston in a new cylinder just doesn tmake sense. but if u get ti valves dont lap at all cause as previously mentioned but if u have stainless like we used then it is ok to lightly lap because they have no coating on them.
  10. Scooter58

    Riding vs. Basketball Fitness level

    i think that if u are trying to be at the same level in both sports then mx is harder because 30 min plus 2 laps as hard as u can go is way worse than basketball but 3 laps just putting around the track make basketball look like the boston marathon it is all about the context in which u are talkin cause i am sure that a soccer player would just laugh at a basketball player if he said that lol i was a wrestler and i think that is an impossible amount of running lol
  11. Sorry if there is an answer but I cant find one. well we put a stage 1 hotcam faction mx valve springs a high compression piston and a hot rods crank. stock exhaust and pretty sure jetting is just stock. but i cant start my bike unless it is warm. We didnt start having this problem until we ran 110 octane shell racing fuel. the exhuast now leaves a white residue in the pipes instead of black. is this a jetting issue at all or should i go somewhere else.
  12. Scooter58

    The Big 3 Racing Millville

    well i think it will be canard i dont think izzi can run with stroupe or izzi cause i was at lorettas all week and he just couldnt run their pace and stroupe and canard couldnt pass each other unless the other crashed so i think that canard and stroupe will battle it out constantly and izzi will be kinda like reed compared to bubba and rc but we will see
  13. Scooter58

    Crf250 Loud ticking.

    well my 06 just makes a lot of noise from the auto decompresion but last week while riding my dad said that there was a weird tick and it turned out to be a crank
  14. Scooter58

    Foam Pit???

    well i have a friend that is about 45 and doin backflips to dirt(learned without a foam pit) but he said that he went on ebay and was bidding on 5000 foam blocks at like 50 cents a piece which is alot of money but yeah if u watch that crusty demons show on mtv or w/e they just have a hole dug into the ground with the block in the hole
  15. Scooter58


    well i ride an 06 crf250 and i really want to get a cr 125 so i can get used to keeping a bike on the power better cause on a two stroke that is everything and i have never ridden one so i think it would be a good experience