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  1. Cory954

    '04 motor in '06 frame!

    http://www.dirtrider.com/tests/motocross/141_0510_2006_honda_crf450r/index.html according to this the center cases were changed! If you look on whats new part.
  2. Cory954

    '04 motor in '06 frame!

    from my understanding the motors have not changed just the cdi and the carbs in '07 and valves. So i know that an '04 motor is an '04 but i just got done putting $1000 in the motor after the rod bearing seized and i did complete over haul. So i dont want another used one cause i know what i have in the motor now and if they '08 s are fi i want to wait and see if the bugs get worked out.
  3. Cory954

    '04 motor in '06 frame!

    Can get a '06 chassis cheap and just put 1000 in my '04 motor. Guys was wondering if this works. I heard the cases were different since the frames are different since the motors tilted more. Anyone have any info? thanks
  4. Cory954

    '03 Locked up!

    Guys was out on the track yesterday having a good day when all of a sudden my bike starts 2 feel doggy and looses power and then blah nothing! It locks up kick start wont move and wont run! Thinking crank bearing! any ideas? I had just changed the oil and checked all fluids and nothing was unusal.
  5. Cory954

    '03 And '04!

    hey guys, I know this has been beat 2 death probaly but what were the changes from '03 to '04? I know a lot will tell u to buy and '07 but i like my '03 and would like to make the '04 changes. I know compression was bumped up, carb jetting, and suspension and different plastic and exhaust. Anything else?