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  1. drz_400sm

    LED Indicators

    i put arrowhead LED indicators on my bike about 2 weeks ago....3 things have gone wrong since.... 1)they flash to darn fast.....i knew that was going to happen....but the drz doesnt have a 3 pin relay like most other bikes....so instead of paying 25 bucks for an aftermarket relay, i have to spend 70 on this new fan dangle thing that i have to cut wires and solder in...... 2)last weekend i blew one of the units....they arent cheap....50AUD (each....200 total)....called manufacturer....it might have been a defective one, they arent sure, but reluctently gave me a replacement....i have two other indicators that have moisture inside them. they are supposed to be a sealed unit, so i have to take them off tommorow and get them replaced....great quality product as u can see..... 3)as of yesterday, the left side indicators stay on constantly.....cant get them to turn off, they wont flash if you use the switch either....not sure if i have maybe blown the relay, the switchblock might be fu****, or i could have a short circuit....either way....not impressed!!!! and finally i have a question about rebuilds.....i need my engine completely rebuilt....bike is 05 sm....brand new when bought....bout 18,000km's...thats pretty darn good hey??? only thing been replaced so far is tensioner and cam chain, magneto cover, sparkplugs, oil, and filters....i think she is doin me pretty good so far except the indicators!!!!!
  2. drz_400sm

    stoped production?

    havent heard of a DRZ50??? its air cooled...been around in australia for quite a while....also for 08 they have a DRZ 70....black with dirt tyres....next step up from the jr50
  3. drz_400sm

    Where to get a rear rack in Australia.

    try www.ballards.cc
  4. drz_400sm

    Dual Exaust on SM....

    wow my post died pretty friggin quick......thanks for no help guys
  5. drz_400sm

    Dual Exaust on SM....

    only think i would worry about is that when its at work parked in the rain, would have to put some exaust bungs in there so it doesnt fill up with water
  6. drz_400sm

    Dual Exaust on SM....

    yeh i realise its a one off, there is a place in sydney australia (racetune exausts) and he does custom work. spoke to the owner on the phone and he said it would cost around 1200 AUD (like 600 US)
  7. drz_400sm

    Dual Exaust on SM....

    thinking bout puttin dual exaust on my k6 sm....this is the only foto i have....does anyone else have some information or pictures of the header so i can take it to the exaust manufacturer.....any pro's or cons with this design besides the weight, what performance gains will i get..... also what tyres are those??? thanks
  8. drz_400sm

    Big Bore Kit

    So my 2005 SM is making a weird ticking sound. replaced the cam chain and ACCT. Noise settled down, but after about 2 months the noise has come back even worse which i cant quite understand. My mechanic seems to think it could be piston slap or something to do with the piston and cylinder. So i am just going to get a big bore kit. I have a few questions though. What is the best brand? The is a supplier here in Australia that sells a Wiseco 440 kit for around $1100 AUD. What is this kit like? Then there is Athena kits. No one has heard of them here. For some reason athena isnt well known in this country. My suzuki dealer has never heard of it, and my mechanic has never heard of it. What sort of issues could arise from using this kit? like is it going to wear other parts quicker? And why 440? i just thought that maybe they would go for 450.....would make more sence...unless its a mathematical thing? Also i dont know if its cause i live on a frikin island, but no one here can give me much info on MCCT's. Alot of the things i read on here i take to my bikeshop/mechanic, and they just look at me funny??? Wish i lived in the USA....
  9. drz_400sm

    headlight..n e thing but the cyclops...

    u think the cyclops is ugly? i think it looks sick as....thats next on my list....
  10. drz_400sm

    Steering stop rust?

    its only a little bit of rust. i wouldnt worry about it. i live in wollongong near the beach....my bike frame has rust in a couple of spots....i wouldnt worry bout it too much...just surface rust....or use the killrust three step system from supercheap auto.....not that cheap...but should solve ypur problem...then just get some touchup paint if ur that worried
  11. drz_400sm

    Reservior can?

    do u have links to some pics....im curious
  12. drz_400sm

    Too scared to ask

    ok well dickhead me...i just found the magura clutch on the TT shop....
  13. drz_400sm

    Too scared to ask

    I was having a look at eddie's garage and i seen 2 items which i am curious about, but i am too scared to PM him as he made a comment about people messaging him.... He has put on a slipper clutch and magura hydraulic clutch if i read it right...i was told a hydro clutch doesnt fit a drz by my mechanic??? if possible does anyone have web links or part numbers so i can take it to my mech... thanks
  14. drz_400sm

    Conversion for dirt....

    I bought a drz400smk6 when they were first released in australia. I eventually got sick of the super motard setup so i started converting it to offroad..... needless to say i have encoutered MANY problems, and im starting to give up. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND MONEY IS A BIT TIGHT....EVENTUALLY ILL GET AROUND TO FIXING ALL THESE PROBLEMS....JUST HIGHLIGHTING THEM FOR OTHER USERS I now have a 21" front. and 8"rear....Well i have encountered some clearance issues up front. at full compression the front tyre rubs on the header pipe. Also the front suspension set up is all wrong for dirt. My advice is not to revalve the front or rear suspension....the advice i recieved from suzuki australia. you might as well replace the forks with full length ones from an rmx250, same with the rear....very costly though... I was told that the suspension should swap directly over from a rmz without any issues.... other well-known problems are the differences between and E and SM: CARBY CAM TIMING THE WAY THE WATER CIRCULATES TO COOL THE ENGINE.... REAR SWINGARM BASE GASKET METAL TANK ETC
  15. drz_400sm

    Staintune learnings

    my advice is to just buy a staintune header, i did, works just fine, performs quite well.... nice tune to it....if anyone wants pics just email me