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  1. I got an 03 xr50 from a friend because it has a motor problem. It has an 88 kit on it im not sure which one.It has sat for a couple years now. I changed the oil, spark plug, fresh gas. Im cleaning the carb and trying to kick it over and after a while I check the oil and it looks to me like theres gas mixing with the oil. What would cause this a gasket or rings? and what would be the cheapest solution to get this running. Could i order a set of rings or do they make a cheap top end rebuild kit? Thanks in advance
  2. its real i saw it on tv once, i think it was on sports disasters
  3. why would you put cherry bombs on the exhaust, just leave it sound nice and loud like it should sound!
  4. i just downloaded photoshop off of limewire, trying to figure out what i am doing now.
  5. those hills in trevorton are soo much fun, repost but i loved seeing it again