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    fuel shutoff

    I just worked on my sons 2004 TT-R125LE and cleaned out the carb and noticed that his valve does not shut the fuel off completely either. Grab some vise grips and pinch off the rubber hose instead of draining your whole tank. Manufacturers defect maybe.
  2. 2004 TT-R125 LE four stroke I could use a few tips. I bought this bike for my son recently and it has a really hard time starting when its cold. I have the choke out and turn it over and it will start for a couple seconds and stall, if I wiggle the throttle really fast it kinda keeps going and runs fine after its warmed up. Does anyone know the factory jet settings, how many turns out. Also I took the carb out and boiled it to clean it out because it totally stopped running after setting for a month and changed out the gas, now it runs but I have the starting issue.