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  1. I spent 15 years riding XR's. Love them still for their never leave you in the woods reliability. However, I've spent the last 4 years on my 450X and would never go back. For me, the CRF does everything better than the XR save for maintenance, and I'm a mechanic so that aspect doesn't bother me. My X is plated as well, and I have no issues running 65mph asphalt connecting roads to get to the fun. I had ASRacing do some headwork for me on my X and it's scary fast, and absolutely faster than the orange 450's. While I prefer a 6 speed transmission, the wide ratio on the X is nice for wide open stuff, and for me, isn't a deal breaker. Someday I hope Honda will build a new 450X, but in the meantime, it's still an extremely capable and worthy ride, and definitely a step up from the XR Hope that helps
  2. Yeah, seatconcepts.com. I bought one of their pans...
  3. ASRacing did all the head work on mine, and I'm very pleased with the results. I switched over to TRX SS valves and an 02 R cam on my ported 05 X head. Bike definitely makes gobs more power over stock, and hopefully the longevity is there now. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again, or fastheads either. That's my .02
  4. In response to the OP... I would set my shift light at 8000rpm. I rarely shift that high in either the woods or the street, and the engine is about done by then. Anything greater is mostly just noise and increased wear. In real world riding, I have always shifted by ear and seat of the pants. I also don't have time to look down at 55mph in the woods. I have a tach but I only use it on the street for gauging max RPM on 5th gear cruising. Hope that helps.
  5. ^^^ This times x100. You've got a 450X screwed to sheetmetal in the back of a freaking prius which is probably about as substantial as a Pepsi can. I'm just hoping you drive with your flashers on and pull over evertime some poor guy on another motorcycle gets behind you so you don't kill anyone when the back of the prius rips off. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I somehow find it unsurprising that this is coming from a prius in the first place.
  6. I also went to an oversized floating rotor... Miles better than stock and worth every penny. Check my threads, you'll see a post about it.
  7. The R cam's are definitely a nice upgrade! I run an 02 R cam on my X head. ASRacing did all the head work. Bike is ridiculously fast...faster than a stock R.
  8. Yes...definitely new rings to go with the sleeve.
  9. Yup... I think all the carb'd R headers will fit. The R head isn't really a performance upgrade over the X head though. You can bolt the R header on an X head but you'll lose some down low power. Also, as mentioned, the R header will run very close to the radiator and hoses.
  10. I'd carefully measure the bore to make sure the piston failure didn't lunch it... though I'll bet if there's a bore problem you'll see it soon as it's apart.
  11. This ^^^ Can't remember how many times I've had to bust out the tools to get an otherwise stranded riding buddy out of the mountains. I keep thinking I need to start charging them for my saving their a**. That'd pay for the tires my bike kills every 10 hours
  12. Yeah, their customer service has always been exemplary for me. Give them a call!
  13. Yeah, they're quoting you for "Remove and Replace" R&R, so labor for the whole job. $1200 is high, but I can see it. They also don't know what they're talking about in regards to the Ti valves. Follow prevailing wisdom and go with SS on the intake and exhaust. I'd go with fastheads, bigborethumpers, ASRacing etc. I had ASR do all my head work, then installed myself. You're also wise to do a piston while it's apart, but just go with either stock or TRX piston setup. Don't mess with highcomp/bigbore kits. If you go with the proven SS valve setup and a reputable shop does the head you can expect hundreds of hours of trouble free running out of it with routine maintenance. That's my .02
  14. I've got a Wolfman tank bag on mine... works great and plenty of room for wallets, phones, cameras...etc. I also have full soft luggage that goes on the bike for camping and long haul riding. I can carry 5 days of food and all the camping gear on it and still power wheelie past my riding buddies