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  1. yamracer36

    Anyone having problems with 06 250f clutch?

    I got a 2006 250f i had the same problems i changed to yamalube the problems stopped my bike when the clutch pulled the whole way in would still pull forward. i know a couple guys at the track had the same problems. My bike seems to be running fine now.
  2. yamracer36

    YZ250f vs. KX250f

    One of my best freinds got kxf's 250f and 450f he said he loved them.He said they turn better than any bike he has ever rode. He raced yamaha's for the last 5 years. But he did have problems he blew the 250f up with less that 10 hours on it due to the valves hitting the piston. I got a 2006 250f love it, the best way is buy the one that feels the best you you both are great bikes.
  3. yamracer36

    hot cams stage 2 question!!

    They defiantly make stage 2 hot cams and you should get springs kit one of my good Friends just blew his bike up because the valves hit the piston.
  4. yamracer36

    jetting for a 2006 yz250f

    thanks for the jetting tips i know this bike should run better than it does and i have been racing indoors alot to mainly arenacross i thought the same thing.
  5. yamracer36

    jetting for a 2006 yz250f

    you must of never rode a kxf 250f they have unbeliveable top end i also had a 125 before this bike. The honda 250f are supposed to have more bottom and less top then the yzs so i dunno what ur talking about with the honda crap
  6. yamracer36

    06 YZF's blowing up!!

    I have a 2006 250f and it is flat on top end i am trying to find a way to get more top end out of mine i race every week end and i have to short shift my bike. I suggest changing the gearing for a cheap fix.
  7. yamracer36

    jetting for a 2006 yz250f

    I just bought the rev box and i am trying diffrent gearing with mine. I still wish i could figure out the jetting tho.
  8. i got a 06 250f and it seems to not pull on the top end. It has awesome bottom and mid range but on the track it seemed like i needed more top end. Before i spend money on porting and other parts i was wondering if the jetting had anything to do with it