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  1. CR80RIDER

    MESA MX park needs track design/grooming help

    I live in Sebastian and if doesn't take me long to figure equipment out. I would be more than happy to help with maintenance and design. I've ran a few loaders, tractors, bobcats, track hoes and a few other things throughout the years. Let me know man. If I think about it I'll ask the owners daughter in the next few days about it.
  2. CR80RIDER

    Mesa Park MX

    I'll come out if I can find some premix. I'm about 4 miles away...over towards mcd's. Haven't been on a bike since march lol
  3. CR80RIDER

    2011 ktm 250sx

    mxboy- Who else have you had a revalve done by? I'm sending mine off for another revalve to FC when the funds allow. Still seems like im fighting the suspension a little where It should be working with me not against me. The KTM is a nice bike for sure, love the lightness of it.
  4. CR80RIDER

    FLGA Series: Stop the sandbagging already!

    No it's not. When you have someone thats a pro practice rider that decides to show up and run C class that should be in B or A is not fun at all either. Gotta love age classes We hope to make it to a few other ftr races other than reddick. Money is a little tight for right now.....but we're doing what we can.
  5. CR80RIDER

    FLGA Series: Stop the sandbagging already!

    FTR is a great organization woods wise. Mx wise they're still learning. They need to create a D or "Beginner" class. Some people just don't belong in C yet. They see C class as beginner which it is not. Go to the national level and you will find the FTR classes are way off. Sometimes A class and Usually B class is the typical C class in say Gold Cup or a race like that. Not to say some riders in the A class are slow, which they're not. But just to give you a perspective, Take the typical C class rider from FTR take him/her to a series such as SFlmx stick them in beginner and see how they do. Every once and a while there will be a true C class rider come into FTR and blitz everyone. They then wonder ***, and bump them up when they really are a true C class racer. No sandbagging whatsoever. Take your B class rider from FTR and that is possibly a loretta's C candidate on a good day. Not downing anyone, just putting it out there from a riders perspective. Other than the low turnouts with no one to race with, and financial issues is why we have chosen not to run the full ftr series this year. Not trying to come off as an ass, but bill you know what I'm talking about. On another note, the FTR staff are incredibly nice people. Just a more relaxed series to run.
  6. CR80RIDER

    Seminole Tribe Motocross is CLOSING?!?!?!

    Heli, I'm in vero not far from you. I've got a small john deere with a bucket and would be willing to help all I could if the thought ever crosses your mind.........
  7. CR80RIDER

    I went to Lake City yesterday...

    When we were there for ftr the track was pretty fun to ride overall. Couple *** things here and there and the track flowed decent. DOES NOT hold water at all, and becomes a mess quick with little rain though.
  8. CR80RIDER

    Forest Glen Mx

    Tell jake to stop locking up motors! Thats not good on the wallet!!! There's a few select people that like the track but most people I talk to hate the place. The owners wife seems like an asshat(IDK about the owner, didn't meet him yet) and I personally won't be returning to the track. What series are you guys planning on racing coming up?
  9. CR80RIDER

    Forest Glen Mx

    My buddy said he thought he saw another track in the distance from forest glenn. I'd be willing to bet it'd better than forest glenn in my opinion. I've rode there twice and still think the track is kinda stupid. Alot of stuff you say *** when coming up to. The only part of that track I even remotely like is the sand whoops and sand section they have. Other than that I don't care for that track or the dirt.
  10. CR80RIDER

    Suspension time

    Sorry I didn't get to call you today, decided to go riding with a buddy at my moms house in Cocoa and got a little side tracked. You probably know him, he had you help with some set up and did a little bit of work on his forks at the bithlo FTR on a kawi 450. His names kyle lasky. But anyway, I'll give you a shout tomorrow after school before I head into work. Thanks, Justin.
  11. CR80RIDER

    Suspension time

    Thanks doc, I'll give you a shout in a little bit. Will you be at the FTR race this weekend in bartow?
  12. CR80RIDER

    Suspension time

    Looking to go local again this time as far as a revalve goes. Who's good with KTM's down here in FL? I know alot of the woods guys run Tom's set up and are really happy with it. Just looking for a plusher ride thats all around better for a 120lb rider on a 250 2stroke! I've got TFracing, Doug Harvey, GPS and have considered Pro-action too. I'd really like to send it to Factory connection but it's a bit out of my price range for now. I really loved what they did with my 08 250f, and am hoping for similar and better results with going with someone down here! I need to stay legal for stock class also, so no external tank on the shock guys. Who's ran what companies, or had a couple. Need some opinions here guys, thanks for the help!
  13. CR80RIDER

    Florida Bithlo today

    Short notice but me and a buddy are going tonight. Should be there around 5:30.....honda #722. The ktm needs a chain and sprocket that arnt here yet..
  14. Okay guys, heres the deal. When it's cold out my hands begin to cramp up. Once they do it leads to armpump, then im SOL. I never get armpump when it's warm. I've tried several things such as hand warmers, wore rubber gloves which helped some. Done my normal warm up routine on the line, and none of it seems to work. I've sat in the trailer literally infront of a propane heater until my class was literally loading onto the gate and still had problems. I have no problems at all gripping the bike with my legs. It started on friday in practice, hands got cold, then arm pump. After that the whole weekend was a crap shoot. I'm usually a consistent top 5ish C class rider so any ideas or tips on how to help fix this guys? Once my hands cramp up, its all over for my arms. I can't wait until this heat comes back to fl. Thanks, justin.
  15. CR80RIDER

    racing a 125 2stroke

    People really hate it when they're on a 10k plus mod bike, and you show up to the line with a stock 250f with just a suspension revalve and close to 100hrs on a top end and lay a spankin on them don't they? Yes, 125's are still competetive. I still race mine from time to time and I still do ok on it. Never rode a bike that is more fun than that little 125. Well.........maybe except my 250 smoker....she ranks up there right with it.